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  2. Cleopatra's Needle (New York City) - All You Need to Know ...

    Cleopatra’s Needle is one of those things that is amazing in most places but is no big deal in New York City. It’s a towering obelisk that dates back 3,500 years (1,500 years before Cleopatra), was toppled in antiquity, rediscovered and gifted to NYC by the ruler of Egypt a century ago.

  3. How the Obelisk Made Its Home in Central Park

    The Obelisk, also known as Cleopatra's Needle, arrived in Central Park more than 130 years ago. Standing between the Great Lawn and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Obelisk is the oldest outdoor monument in New York City and the oldest man-made object in Central Park.

  4. Obelisk in Central Park

    Cleopatra's Needle Central Park has an authentic Egyptian obelisk since the 1880s. Though often referred to by its nickname, Cleopatra's Needle, this ancient artifact was in fact commissioned by Pharaoh Thutmosis III around 1450 BC in celebration of his 3rd jubilee (or the 30th year of his reign).

  5. Cleopatra’s Needle: The Story Behind Three Awe-Inspiring ...

    Cleopatra’s Needle is the name shared by three ancient Egyptian obelisks – one in New York City, one in London, and one in Paris. However, each comes from a different Egyptian site and none may have actually been built in honor of Queen Cleopatra.

  6. Cleopatra's Needle - Central Park

    Cleopatra’s Needle. Probably the strangest monument in Central Park is the 71 foot, 244 ton Obelisk, or Cleopatra’s Needle. Easily the oldest man made object in the park it is located in what is now a secluded bower directly behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  7. The Oldest Outdoor Manmade Object in New YorkCleopatra’s ...

    For years, he and his three twins have been diligently holding up New York City’s oldest outdoor manmade object, Cleopatra’s Needle, found in Central Park – one of my favorite pieces of art anywhere, and currently in competition for a Partners of Preservation grant for its restoration.

  8. Cleopatra’s NeedleNew York's New York

    One of my favorite monuments in New York City is one I run by numerous days a week, Cleopatra’s Needle. It’s a 3,500 year old ancient Egyptian obelisk behind The Metropolitan Museum of Art that sticks out in the park’s green space.

  9. Address: 1000 5th Ave., New York, NY Directions: In Central Park directly behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Enter the park just north of E. 79th St. at 5th Ave./Central Park West. Follow the path behind the Museum to the obelisk. Save to My Sights Visitor Tips and News About Cleopatra's Needle

  10. The Mystery of the Central Park Obelisk - The Bowery Boys ...

    PODCAST Cleopatra’s Needle is the name given to the ancient Egyptian obelisk that sits in Central Park, right behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is the bizarre tale of how it arrived in New York and the unusual forces that went behind its transportation from Alexandra to a hill in the city’s most famous park.

  11. Central Park Monuments - Egyptian Obelisk : NYC Parks

    The oldest man-made object in Central Park is this Obelisk, located directly behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Nicknamed Cleopatra’s Needle soon after its installation, the stone shaft has nothing to do with the legendary Queen of the Nile.