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  2. Baghdad is Iraq’s largest city and one of the most populous urban agglomerations of the Middle East. The city was founded in 762 as the capital of the Abbasid dynasty of caliphs, and for the next 500 years it was the most significant cultural centre of Arab and Islamic civilization and one of the greatest cities of the world.

  3. Baghdad - Wikipedia

    Baghdad ( / ˈbæɡdæd, bəɡˈdæd /; Arabic: بَغْدَاد [bɐʁˈdɑːd] (listen) (help·info), Kurdish: بەغدا) is the capital of Iraq and the second-largest city in the Arab world after Cairo. It is located on the Tigris near the ruins of the ancient city of Babylon and the Sassanid Persian capital of Ctesiphon.

  4. Iraq - Baghdad | Britannica

    Ruṣāfah and Al-Karkh districts of Baghdad. For a variety of reasons, rural migrants have been particularly drawn to Baghdad, the country’s political, economic, and communications hub. First, to minimize the danger of riots in the capital city, the Baʿath regime—in addition to a variety of security measures—made special efforts to maintain a minimal level of public services, even in the poorest neighbourhoods.

  5. Baghdad - History | Britannica

    Baghdad reached the zenith of its economic prosperity and intellectual life in the 8th and early 9th centuries under al-Mahdī (who reigned from 775 to 785) and his successor, Hārūn al-Rashīd (786–809). The glory of Baghdad in this period is reflected in stories in The Thousand and One Nights. It was then considered the richest city in the world.

  6. Baghdad, Iraq 2023: Best Places to Visit - Tripadvisor

    Iraq Baghdad Province Baghdad Baghdad Tourism: Best of Baghdad Watch The Wanderer Follow Cam Mackintosh in the guise of The Wanderer, as he dives into the fascinating emirate of Abu Dhabi. Explore each step of his travel guide among deserts' hidden gems. Follow along on his epic journey. Stream now Essential Baghdad Do

  7. Baghdad, Iraq: At least 10 killed in clashes in Green Zone after...

    At least 10 people were killed and more than 200 injured in violent clashes that erupted in Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone on Monday, following an announcement by powerful Iraqi Shia...

  8. Iraqis protest in Baghdad as currency crisis continues

    February 3, 2023, 7:13 AM BAGHDAD -- Iraqi protesters rallied Friday in Baghdad, demanding the government take action to stop the economic crisis and the slide of the national currency after the Iraq i dinar plunged further.

  9. History of Baghdad - Wikipedia

    The history of Baghdad begins when the city of Baghdad (Arabic: بغداد Baġdād) was founded in the mid 8th century as the Abbasid capital, following the Abbasid victory over the Umayyad Caliphate.It replaced the Sassanid capital of Seleucia-Ctesiphon some 35 km to the south-east, which was mostly depopulated by the end of the 8th century. Baghdad was the center of the Caliphate during the ...

  10. Baghdad: Twin suicide bombings rock Iraqi capital | CNN

    CNN — Twin suicide bombs rocked a busy market in central Baghdad on Thursday morning, killing at least 32 people and injuring 110 others, according to officials and state media. Security forces...

  11. U.S. Embassy Baghdad - U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Iraq

    Message to U.S. Citizens: U.S. Embassy Baghdad, Iraq – Absentee Voting Week; Request your ballot now for the November 2022 General Elections! Worldwide Caution: August 2, 2022; Demonstration Alert – U.S. Embassy Baghdad, Iraq, February 11-14, 2020; Security & Emergency Messages. COVID-19 Information