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  2. About CompuServe

    An Internet Pioneer. Founded in 1969 as a computer time-sharing service, Columbus, Ohio-based CompuServe drove the initial emergence of the online service industry. In 1979, CompuServe became the first service to offer electronic mail capabilities and technical support to personal computer users. CompuServe broke new ground again in 1980 as the ...

  3. CompuServe Web Mail

    Storm system dumps heavy, wet snow on Indiana and Michigan. Agency delays protections for imperiled bat, prairie chicken. Chief defends delay telling public of mass shooter at-large. Freed after 20 years, Hawaii man reflects on case, future. Asteroid coming exceedingly close to Earth, but will miss. Light at the end of the tunnel: Grand Central ...

  4. CompuServe’s forums, which still exist, are finally shutting down. Before there was a World Wide Web, a sizable chunk of all meaningful conversation between computer users happened in the forums ...

  5. Sept. 24, 1979: First Online Service for Consumers Debuts

    CompuServe e-mail addresses took the form of a strange collection of octal digits, separated by a comma, such as 77241,443 – or its internet equivalent, (my actual ...

  6. 10 Early ISP's and What Has Become of Them |

    Approximately 20 years later they decided to sell off Compuserve. AOL offered a stock trade which wasn’t accepted but eventually it did end up under their umbrella via being purchased by Worldcom instead. The remaining aspects of Compuserve are now clothed within the Verizon Network. Mindspring: This early ISP was located in Georgia. In the ...

  7. Goodbye, CompuServe! (We thought you already died)

    CompuServe users are still allowed to use their e-mail addresses on AOL's system for no charge, but the rest of the service and software is going the way of the dodo.

  8. CB Simulator - Wikipedia

    CompuServe CB Simulator was the first dedicated online chat service that was widely available to the public. It was developed by a CompuServe executive, Alexander "Sandy" Trevor , and released by CompuServe on February 21, 1980, as the first public, commercial multi-user chat program.

  9. CompuServe made it possible for savvy users to get the most from the service for the least amount of bucks. Today, the Internet is much cheaper than the online services ever were. And, you can do ...

  10. CompuHost V3 Professional Karaoke Hosting Software

    CompuHost Karaoke Hosting Solution V3 has been developed from the ground up with the discriminating Karaoke Hosting Professional in mind! Tens of thousands of professional Karaoke Hosts from all over the world are enjoying the industry leading list of features and unsurpassed functionality CompuHost V3 continues to offer, ensuring their shows are the very BEST around!

  11. CompuServe Description. CompuServe Interactive Services provides complete and comprehensive products and access for Internet online users at home, in the workplace and around the