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  2. For a Libertarian Communism | The Anarchist Library

    The Search for a Libertarian Communism:Daniel Guérin and the “Synthesis” of Marxism and Anarchism. ...

  3. For a Libertarian Communism by Daniel Guérin | Goodreads

    "For A Libertarian Communism" is a collection of Guérin's writings translated into English for the first time from the period (1950s-1980s) where he tries to revive anarchism and to bring anarchism and communism together. The historical relationship between Anarchism and Communism can be characterized by rifts and, at times, armed opposition.

  4. For a Libertarian Communism (Revolutionary Pocketbooks)

    For a Libertarian Communism (Revolutionary Pocketbooks) Paperback – November 1, 2017. by Daniel Guérin (Author), David Berry (Editor), & 1 more. 4.6 11 ratings. Part of: Revolutionary Pocketbooks (9 books)

  5. Libertarian communism: an introduction |

    Libertarian communism: an introduction Introduction. When we speak of communism we are talking about two things. Firstly as a way of organising society based... The real movement. In our introduction to capitalism we describe the capitalist economy and point out how the needs of... To each according ...

  6. For a Libertarian Communism - PM Press

    For a Libertarian Communism SKU: 9781629632360 Author: Daniel Guérin • Editor: David Berry • Translator: Mitchell Abidor Publisher: PM Press/Revolutionary Pocketbooks ISBN: 9781629632360 Published: 10/2017 Format: Paperback Size: 8 x 5 Page count: 160 Subjects: Poltiical Theory Price: $14.95 $8.95 Qty: - + Add To Wishlist Free e-Book with Purchase

  7. For a libertarian communism : GURIN, DANIEL : Free Download ...

    Self-management in Revolutionary Spain, 1936â#x80;#x93;1937Libertarian Communism, the Only Real Communism -- Appendices: -- The Libertarian Communist Platform of 1971 -- The 1989 Call for a Libertarian Alternative -- Bibliography -- About the Author -- About the Editor

  8. Manifesto of Libertarian Communism - Georges Fontenis

    Georges Fontenis The 'Manifesto of Libertarian Communism' was written in 1953 by Georges Fontenis for the Federation Communiste Libertaire of France. It is one of the key texts of the anarchist-communist current. Submitted by libcom on April 4, 2005

  9. libcom introductory guide |

    libertarian communism A set of introductory articles written or compiled by clearly explaining key issues and topics from a libertarian communist perspective.

  10. Anarchist communism - Wikipedia

    Anarchist communism, also known as anarcho-communism, communist anarchism, or libertarian communism. is a political philosophy and anarchist school of thought that advocates communism. It calls for the abolition of private property but retention of personal property and collectively-owned items, goods, and services.

  11. an introduction | is a resource for all people who wish to fight to improve their lives, their communities and their working conditions. We want to discuss, learn from successes and failures of the past and develop strategies to increase the power we, as ordinary people, have over our own lives. Author Submitted by libcom on September 11, 2006