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  2. Digital Equipment Corporation - Wikipedia

    Digital Linear Tape. Number of employees. over 140,000 (1987) Digital Equipment Corporation ( DEC / dɛk / ), using the trademark Digital, was a major American company in the computer industry from the 1960s to the 1990s. The company was co-founded by Ken Olsen and Harlan Anderson in 1957. Olsen was president until forced to resign in 1992 ...

  3. Digital Equipment Corporation | American company | Britannica

    Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), American manufacturer that created a new line of low-cost computers, known as minicomputers, especially for use in laboratories and research institutions. Founded in 1957, the company employed more than 120,000 people worldwide at its peak in 1990 and earned more than $14 billion in revenue. It was bought by Compaq Computer Corporation in 1998. Digital was ...

  4. The Tragic Tale Of DEC, The Computing Giant ... -

    The plan for Digital Equipment Corporation was finalized and they received $70,000 to launch their new company. In sticking with the theme of keeping expenses light (not only for customers but for the company as well), they set up shop in an old wool mill in Maynard, MA. 1958. The first product DEC created and sold was its Digital Laboratory ...

  5. Lessons from Ken Olsen and Digital Equipment Corp.

    The story of Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) was one of a dramatic rise and fall: DEC was an entrepreneurial computer company that grew to $14 billion in sales and employed an estimated 130,000 people worldwide at one point. But Digital failed to adapt successfully after the personal computer eroded its minicomputer market.

  6. Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) | Selling the Computer ...

    Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) full record download pdf DEC was founded in 1957 by Ken Olson and Harlan Anderson, engineers who had worked on very early machines at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

  7. A look back at Digital Equipment Corp. -

    Digital Equipment Corp. was founded by MIT engineers Ken Olsen, seen here, and Harlan Anderson in 1957, with $70,000 in venture funding. Here's a look back at the history of the company.

  8. Digital Equipment Corporation provides a variety of computer client/servers, microcomputers, and workstations, using its "Alpha" and "VAX", and Intel's "X86" and "Pentium" architectures.

  9. Digital Equipment Corporation - CHM Revolution

    The new company, Digital Equipment Corporation, took over 8,680 square foot leased space in a nineteenth century mill that once produced blankets and uniforms for soldiers who fought in the Civil War. The mill is still in use today as an office park (Clock Tower Place) and among its tenants is the online employment website,

  10. - Digital Corporate Philosophy (1974) Books: - "DEC Is Dead, Long Live DEC: The Lasting Legacy of Digital Equipment Corporation" Edgar H. Schein et al Written by an MIT Sloan School management consultant. Focused on the company culture. Amazon - "Digital at Work: Snapshots of the First Thirty-Five Years" Jamie Parker Pearson, ed.


    Digital Equipment Corporation is a leading worldwide supplier of networked computer systems, software, and services. Its products serve a variety of applications, such as scientific analysis, industrial control, time-sharing, commercial data processing, graphic arts, word processing, office automation, health care, instrumentation, engineering ...