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  2. Djemal Pasha - Wikipedia

    Ahmed Djemal ( Ottoman Turkish: احمد جمال پاشا, romanized: Ahmet Cemâl Paşa; 6 May 1872 – 21 July 1922), also known as Cemal Pasha, was an Ottoman military leader and one of the Three Pashas that ruled the Ottoman Empire during World War I . Djemal was born in Mytilene, Lesbos.

  3. Cemal Mersinli - Wikipedia

    Cemal Mersinli (1875 – October 7, 1941), also known as Mehmed Djemal Pasha, Mersinli Djemal, or Djemal Kuchuk ( Turkish: Küçük Cemal Paşa; meaning the lesser Djemal to distinguish him from the higher-ranking Djemal Pasha) was a general of the Ottoman and Turkish armies and a politician of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey. [1]

  4. Djemal Pasha Biography - Ottoman military leader (1872–1922)

    Djemal Pasha is the 176th most popular military personnel (down from 146th in 2019), the 133rd most popular biography from Greece (down from 105th in 2019) and the 11th most popular Greek Military Personnel. Djemal Pasha was the Ottoman military commander of Syria and Palestine.

  5. Ahmed Jemal Pasha and the Armenian Genocide

    Jemal Pasha, Ahmed. Ahmed Jemal [Djemal, Cemal] Pasha (1872-1922) was the overseer of the Armenian Genocide. A graduate of the War Academy, Jemal was posted in 1898 to the Third Army in Salonika where the new captain joined the underground movement of Ottoman officers known as the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP), which was opposed to the ...

  6. The American Colony in Jerusalem - Library of Congress

    Djemal Pasha, Supreme Commander of Syria and Arabia, who mounted a campaign to limit the devastation, asked the American Colony photographers to document the progress of the locust hordes. Locust Album The Colony created the “locust album” that documented the course of the plague of 1915 at the request of Djemal Pasha.

  7. Djemal Pasha’s Revenge on the People of Jerusalem

    In June 1916, Ahmad Djemal Pasha, commander of the Ottoman Fourth Army and ruler of Damascus province, found himself facing a difficult problem: many soldiers had deserted from the ranks, and he was suffering a severe manpower shortage.

  8. Ahmed Djemal - Wikiquote

    Ahmed Djemal Pasha ( Turkish: Ahmet Cemal Paşa) ( May 6, 1872 – July 21, 1922 ), also known as Cemal Pasha or as Jamal Basha as-Saffah ("the Bloodthirsty") in the Arab world, was an Ottoman military leader and one of the Three Pashas that ruled the Ottoman Empire during World War I and carried out the Armenian genocide .

  9. An Encounter with Djemal Pasha - The Armenian Weekly

    The following is the account of a 16-year-old Armenian boy’s unexpected encounter with Djemal Pasha, a member of the the Ittihadist triumvirate of WWI, in December 1917. It was given to me by...

  10. Forgotten Fire | Genocide Education Project

    Up until 1915, Vahan has lived a cosseted life as the son of a wealthy and respected Armenian man. But overnight his world is destroyed when the triumvirate of Turkish leaders, Enver Pasha, Talaat Bey, and Djemal Pasha, begins the systematic massacre of nearly three-quarters of the Armenian population of Turkey, 1.5 million men, women, and ...

  11. The 1917 Expulsion of Tel Aviv’s Jews, Seen Through Turkish ...

    Djemal Pasha, who was in charge of the greater Syrian theater of war, was forced to provide explanations. Interestingly, despite conventional Zionist historiography, there is no difference for Djemal Pasha between Jews and Arabs in all matters regarding expulsion.