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  2. meaning - "Known unknown" vs. "unknown known" - English ...

    Known unknown: Something we don't know and that we know we don't know. Unknown unknown: Something we don't know and that we don't realize we don't know. Unknown known: Something that we know, but that we don't realize that we know. A good example of an unknown known is when you can and cannot end a sentence with a contraction.

  3. Known and Unknown: A Memoir - Kindle edition by Rumsfeld ...

    Known and Unknown: A Memoir Kindle Edition by Donald Rumsfeld (Author) Format: Kindle Edition 380 ratings 3.8 on Goodreads 1,733 ratings See all formats and editions Kindle $16.99 Read with Our Free App Audiobook $0.00 Free with your Audible trial

  4. Rumsfeld’s Logic of Known Knowns, Known Unknowns and Unknown ...

    (1) known knowns(2) known unknowns(3) unknown unknowns Now let’s take one statement at a time: (1) Known Knowns Rumsfeld said that “[k]nown knowns are facts, rules, and laws that we...

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    • Known knowns, Known unknowns, and Unknown unknowns
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  5. The knowns and unknowns framework for design thinking

    The knowns and unknowns framework for design thinking | by AJ Justo | UX Collective 500 Apologies, but something went wrong on our end. Refresh the page, check Medium ’s site status, or find something interesting to read. 272 Followers Innovation Practitioner, Design Thinker, Technologist.

  6. Known and Unknown: A Memoir - Wikipedia

    As Rumsfeld acknowledged in an "Author's Note" at the start of the book, [7] the title, "Known and Unknown," is a play on his famous remark in a February 12, 2002 press conference: Reports that say that something hasn't happened are always interesting to me, because, as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know that we know.

  7. Known knowns, known unknowns, unknown unknowns - Singular

    The “unknown known” is a fourth concept that Rumsfeld defines as “the things that you think you know that it turns out you did not.” How can these four concepts of known and unknown that Rumsfeld applied to national security intelligence also apply to marketing intelligence? Let’s take a look. Known knowns

  8. The four quadrants are: Knowns-Knowns, Known-Unknowns, Unknown-knowns and Unknown-unknowns. Risk can be classified into one of these four quadrants based on: a) Available information, b) Degree of variability, and c) Degree of ambiguity. The first point above, i.e., available information about the risks is quickly understood.

  9. There are unknown unknowns - Wikipedia

    The term "known unknowns" has been applied to the identification of chemical substances using analytical chemistry approaches, specifically mass spectrometry. In many cases, an unknown to an investigator that is detected in an experiment is actually known in the chemical literature, a reference database, or an Internet resource.

  10. How to Use the "Knowns" and "Unknowns" Technique to Manage ...

    Known Unknowns are assumptions that we haven’t or can’t validate. Most assumptions identified during project planning start in this category. They can be classified into three types: Assumptions that can become known knowns now if they are validated Assumptions that can become known knowns at some point in the future, but not now