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  2. Double-click - Wikipedia

    Double-click. A double-click is the act of pressing a computer mouse button twice quickly without moving the mouse. Double-clicking allows two different actions to be associated with the same mouse button. It was developed by Bill Atkinson of Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.) for their Lisa project. [1] Often, single-clicking selects (or ...

  3. DoubleClick - Wikipedia

    DoubleClick Inc. DoubleClick Inc. was an American advertisement company that developed and provided Internet ad serving services from 1995 until its acquisition by Google in March 2008. DoubleClick offered technology products and services that were sold primarily to advertising agencies and mass media, serving businesses like Microsoft, General ...

  4. DoubleClick for Publishers: Everything You Need to Know

    Google DoubleClick for Publishers (Google DFP), is an advertising platform for publishers, giving them complete control over their ad inventory management. While DFP was rebranded as Google Ad Manager (GAM) several years ago, it is often still referred to as DFP within the ad tech industry. Google Ad Manager is an ad platform that allows ...

  5. Double-click Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    double click: [noun] the act of selecting something on a computer screen by quickly pressing a button on a mouse or some other device two times.

  6. Double-Clicker 1.0 Download (Free) - double-clicker.exe

    1.0. Double-Clicker is a project from the non-profit Autelic Association. The project goal is to help people who for one reason or another have difficulty performing a double-click action with a mouse, or performing it without moving the on-screen pointer during the double-click - which can have some unintended side effects.

  7. DOUBLE-CLICK | English meaning - Cambridge Dictionary

    double-click definition: 1. to press a computer mouse twice in order to tell the computer to do something: 2. to press a…. Learn more.

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  8. What Is The Difference Between AdSense And DoubleClick

    What is DoubleClick used for. Double-click is a term used to describe the process of quickly pressing a mouse button twice while keeping it still.. In most cases, a double-click is with the left mouse button and is used to open or execute a file, folder, or software program.

  9. When Google bought DoubleClick in 2007, it acquired all the assets, including the up-and-coming DoubleClick Ad Exchange. After the acquisition, Google continued to develop the ad exchange and launched it as “DoubleClick Ad Exchange” in 2009. And the rest, as they say, is history.

  10. Double Clickable Button in Winforms C# .NET - YouTube

    In this short video, I explain the process of creating a button that responds to double click events within C# .NET Winforms.Subscribe for more C# .NET Tips ...