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  2. Frederick III | king of Prussia and emperor of Germany ...

    Frederick III, also called (until 1888) Crown Prince Frederick William, German Kronprinz Friedrich Wilhelm, in full Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Karl, (born Oct. 18, 1831, Potsdam, Prussia—died June 15, 1888, Potsdam), king of Prussia and German emperor for 99 days in 1888, during which time he was a voiceless invalid, dying of throat cancer.

  3. Prince Frederick of Prussia (1794–1863) - Wikipedia

    Prince Frederick was among the founders of the Düsseldorf art, music and drama club and served as its patron. Much like his cousin, King Frederick William IV of Prussia, Frederick displayed interest in the Middle Ages and the castles of Rhine Province. He acquired Fatzberg Castle, turned it into his summer residence and named it Burg Rheinstein .

  4. The Real-Life Story Of Bridgerton's Prince Frederick Of Prussia

    Prince Frederick of Prussia and Princess Louise of Anhalt-Bernburg married in 1817, and their marriage produced two sons, as reported by Oprah Daily. While Frederick and Louise's sons, Prince Alexander and Prince George (both of Prussia), enjoyed long lives, neither married nor had children.

  5. Georg Friedrich Prinz von Preussen - Wikipedia

    Georg Friedrich Ferdinand Prinz von Preussen (born 10 June 1976) is a German businessman who is the current head of the Prussian branch of the House of Hohenzollern, the former ruling dynasty of the German Empire and of the Kingdom of Prussia.

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  6. Frederick II | Biography, Accomplishments, Wars ...

    Frederick, the third king of Prussia, ranks among the two or three dominant figures in the history of modern Germany. Under his leadership Prussia became one of the great states of Europe. Its territories were greatly increased and its military strength displayed to striking effect.

  7. Frederick of Prussia - Wikipedia

    Frederick of Prussia may refer to the House of Hohenzollern : Frederick II of Prussia (1712–1786), King known as "Frederick the Great", Grandson of Frederick I. Frederick III, German Emperor (1831–1888), Emperor for 99 days, son of the first German emperor Kaiser Wilhelm I. Prince Frederick of Prussia (1911–1966), Grandson of Germany's ...

  8. Bridgerton: Prince Friedrich Background & True Story Explained

    The historic Prince Frederick of Prussia married Princess Louise of Anhalt-Bernburg in 1817. At that time, he'd been commanding the 1st Life Cuirassiers regiment of the Royal Prussian Army, which means that he would've been traveling extensively, as Phoebe references in Bridgerton season 1.

  9. Prince Frederick of Prussia (1794–1863) | Military Wiki | Fandom

    Prince Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig of Prussia (30 October 1794 – 27 July 1863), known in English as Frederick, was a Prussian prince, general of the royal cavalry, and division commander. Contents 1 Family 2 Life in Düsseldorf 3 Last years in Berlin 4 Ancestry 5 References 6 Bibliography Family

  10. Germany's ex-royals want their riches back, but past ties to ...

    Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, is locked in a legal battle for more than 10,000 family artifacts seized or lost after World War II. The case rests on one question: Did his ancestors help the ...

  11. Prince Frederick Alexander von Preussen and the Hon ... - Tatler

    She already has a five-year-old son, Arthur Frederick Richard Womack von Preussen, with her husband Philip Womack. Another recent bride was Princess Alexandra's granddaughter, Flora Ogilvy, who married Timothy Vesterberg at Chapel Royal at St James's Palace on 26 September. More from Tatler Content