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  2. E! - Apps on Google Play

    The E! app supports most TV providers, including DirecTV, Xfinity, Spectrum, AT&T, and Dish. Sign up for an NBCUniversal profile within the app using your Facebook, Google, or email account to sync your favorite shows across our family of apps and to continue watching progress across all your devices. You’ll also receive three credits to ...

  3. Watch the E! Live Stream -

    Live stream your favorite E! content on! We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance ...

  4. E! Entertainment - Home - Facebook

    E! Entertainment, Los Angeles, California. 2,055,993 likes · 51,865 talking about this. The official page for E! Entertainment.

  5. e, fifth letter of the alphabet, derived from a Semitic consonant that represented a sound similar to the English h, Greek ε, and Latin E. The original Semitic character may have derived from an earlier pictograph representing a lattice window or a fence. From the 4th century ce both the uncial and cursive forms were rounded. From these developed the Carolingian form, from which the modern ...

  6. E Definition & Meaning |

    The definition of E is electron. See additional meanings and similar words.

  7. Letter E Song - YouTube

    The Letter E Song by Have Fun Teaching is a fun and engaging way to teach and learn about the alphabet letter E. Get unlimited teaching resources: https://ww...

  8. E-mail | Definition & Facts | Britannica

    e-mail, in full electronic mail, messages transmitted and received by digital computers through a network. An e-mail system allows computer users on a network to send text, graphics, sounds, and animated images to other users. The "at sign" (@) in the middle of an email address, separating the name of the emailer from the domain name of the hosting terminal, is now one of the most popularly ...

  9. Emoji Meaning. A symbol for email. Depicted as the back of an envelope imprinted with a capital letter E (for electronic) or @ ( at) sign. Commonly used as an icon before an email address. The envelope is generally white with the E or @ symbols shown in blue. Apple, Google, and Twitter's designs feature the letter E, while Microsoft, Facebook ...

  10. e - Wiktionary

    A nagy világon e kivűl / Nincsen számodra hely; In the great world outside of here / There is no place for you (“E kívül” would be ezen kívül in present-day Hungarian, formed from ez.) Usage notes . A rarer substitute of ez, but unlike ez, it does not take the case of the noun it is attached to, and no definite article is used:

  11. E. coli - World Health Organization

    E. coli O157:H7 is the most important STEC serotype in relation to public health; however, other serotypes have frequently been involved in sporadic cases and outbreaks. Symptoms. Symptoms of the diseases caused by STEC include abdominal cramps and diarrhoea that may in some cases progress to bloody diarrhoea (haemorrhagic colitis).