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  2. Marxism - German Socialism, Revisionism, Leninism | Britannica

    For him, war was a product of capitalism. Such were the main features of “orthodox” German Marxism at the time when the “ revisionist” theories of Eduard Bernstein appeared. Bernstein created a great controversy with articles that he wrote in 1896 for Die Neue Zeit, arguing that Marxism needed to be

  3. Eduard Bernstein: Evolutionary Socialism (1899)

    Eduard Bernstein, Die Voraussetzungen des Sozialismus und die Aufgaben der Sozialdemokratie, Stuttgart 1899. First published in English under the title Evolutionary Socialism in 1907 by the Independent Labour Party. Translated by Edith C. Harvey. Transcribed by Ted Crawford. Marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive.

  4. Eduard Bernstein – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

    Eduard Bernstein ( Berlim, 6 de janeiro de 1850 — Berlim, 18 de dezembro de 1932) foi um político e teórico político alemão. Foi o primeiro grande revisionista da teoria marxista e um dos principais teóricos da social-democracia . Membro do Partido Social-Democrata (SPD), e o fundador do socialismo evolutivo e do revisionismo.

  5. Amy Allen | Revolution, History, and the Beyond of Capitalism ...

    How should we read the debate between Rosa Luxemburg and Eduard Bernstein now? At first glance, it might seem like a family squabble that turns on questions of political strategy. After all, Bernstein and Luxemburg profess to share the same goal: the achievement of democratic socialism.

  6. ¿Qué es el revisionismo? Una introducción a la polémica en ...é-es-el-revisionismo-una...

    Eduard Bernstein, el padre teórico del revisionismo, había sido hasta ese momento, junto con Kautsky, uno de los grandes nombres del SPD y, por extensión, del marxismo europeo. Peter Nettl ...

  7. Eduard Bernstein - Wikiquote

    Eduard Bernstein ( January 6 1850 – December 18 1932) was a German social democratic theoretician and politician, a member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, and the founder of "evolutionary socialism" or "reformism". This article about a political figure is a stub. You can help Wikiquote by expanding it.

  8. Eduard Bernstein: Evolutionary Socialism (Conclusion)

    Every nation, every class and every group united by theory or interest has its own cant. It has partly become such a mere matter of convention, of pure form, that no one is any longer deceived by its emptiness, and a fight against it would be shooting idly at sparrows. But this does not apply to the cant that appears in the guise of science and ...

  9. The Quest for Evolutionary Socialism

    The Quest for Evolutionary Socialism uses Eduard Bernstein's life and works as the basis for an examination of the interactions between European social democratic politics and socialist political ideas. It is thus a timely response to the need for a new, comprehensive biography of Bernstein, the German 'Father of Marxist Revisionism'.

  10. In defense of Eduard Bernstein - Medium

    In many instances, Bernstein’s views were directly aligned with those of Marx, and more so than even some of Bernstein’s so-called ‘’orthodox’’ critics. Bernstein was critiquing ‘’vulgar Marxism’’ and oversimplified and rigid interpretations of Marxism more often than he was critiquing these ideas all together.

  11. Biografía de Eduard Bernstein (Su vida, historia, bio resumida)

    Eduard Bernstein Político, pensador y escritor alemán Nació el 6 de enero de 1850 en Berlín. En el año 1872 se afilió al Partido Socialdemócrata Alemán (SPD). A partir de 1881 y hasta 1890 editó junto a August Bebel el diario Sozialdemokrat (Socialdemócrata).

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