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  2. Baroque architecture - Wikipedia

    Baroque architecture is a highly decorative and theatrical style which appeared in Italy in the early 17th century and gradually spread across Europe. It was originally introduced by the Catholic Church , particularly by the Jesuits , as a means to combat the Reformation and the Protestant church with a new architecture that inspired surprise ...

  3. Baroque architecture | Definition, Characteristics, & Facts

    Baroque architecture, architectural style originating in late 16th-century Italy and lasting in some regions, notably Germany and colonial South America, until the 18th century. It had its origins in the Counter-Reformation , when the Catholic Church launched an overtly emotional and sensory appeal to the faithful through art and architecture .

  4. Baroque art and architecture | Definition, Characteristics ...

    Baroque art and architecture, the visual arts and building design and construction produced during the era in the history of Western art that roughly coincides with the 17th century.

  5. Baroque Architecture: Everything You Need to Know

    Strictly speaking, Baroque architecture refers to an opulent architectural style born in Italy in the late 16th century. “It’s a very broad term used for European architecture of the 17th and...

  6. Baroque - Wikipedia

    The Baroque ( UK: / bəˈrɒk /, US: /- ˈroʊk /; French: [baʁɔk]) is a style of architecture, music, dance, painting, sculpture, poetry, and other arts that flourished in Europe from the early 17th century until the 1750s. [1]

  7. Baroque Architecture Guide: Characteristics of Baroque Style

    Baroque Architecture Guide: Characteristics of Baroque Style. Written by MasterClass. Last updated: Jun 17, 2021 • 4 min read. Marked by ornamentation and exuberance, the baroque style of architecture reached its zenith in the seventeenth century and was meant to inspire reverential wonder.

  8. What Is Baroque Architecture? - The Spruce

    Baroque architecture is a highly opulent style of building, design, and art that originated in Italy during the 17th century and spread to the rest of Europe, and eventually, the U.S. It's characterized by extremely detailed forms, marble, large-scale decoration, and bright colors.

  9. Top 25 Examples of Baroque Architecture

    Below is a list of some of the greatest examples of Baroque Architecture found anywhere on earth. The order of the buildings is based on their size, splendor, and overall influence on the evolution of the Baroque Style. 1. Palace of Versailles – Versailles, Île-de-France, France.

  10. Characteristics of Baroque Architecture - WorldAtlas

    Baroque architecture is a construction style that began in the 16th century during the Baroque era. This type of construction adopted the Roman way of architecture but instead modernized it to a new fashion with an aim to show the might of the Roman Catholic Church.

  11. Baroque Architecture – The Elaborate 17th Century Building Style by artincontext April 12, 2023 in Architecture A rchitecture from the 17th-century was defined by a dramatically theatrical and ornately decorative style which can be traced back to Rome in the early Baroque period.