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  2. Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès - Wikipediaès

    Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès (3 May 1748 – 20 June 1836), usually known as the Abbé Sieyès (French: ), was a French Roman Catholic abbé, clergyman, and political writer who was the chief political theorist of the French Revolution (1789–1799); he also held offices in the governments of the French Consulate (1799–1804) and the First French ...

  3. Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès | French politician | Britannica

    Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès, (born May 3, 1748, Fréjus, France—died June 20, 1836, Paris), churchman and constitutional theorist whose concept of popular sovereignty guided the National Assembly in its struggle against the monarchy and nobility during the opening months of the French Revolution.

  4. Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès - World History Encyclopedia

    Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès (1748-1836), commonly known as Abbé Sieyès, was a French clergyman and political writer, who became a leading voice in the Third Estate during the French Revolution (1789-99). Sieyès played instrumental roles in both the opening and closing events of the Revolution and sought a government that reflected the Third ...

  5. Emmanuel Sieyès - Alpha History

    Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès (1748-1836) was the liberal French clergyman who became an influential political writer, best known for authoring the 1789 pamphlet What is the Third Estate? Born to a middle-class family in southern France, not far from Cannes, Sieyès trained at a Paris seminary and entered the priesthood in 1773.

  6. 7 Key Figures of the French Revolution | HISTORY

    Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès was a liberal member of the clergy who, shortly before the Revolution, wrote a highly influential pamphlet called 'What Is the Third Estate?' Its argument, that the third...

  7. Abbé Sieyès | The Core Curriculumé-sieyès

    Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen in 1789 by Jean-Jacques-François Le Barbier, 1789 (Wikimedia Commons) Emanuel Joseph Sieyès (March 3, 1748 – June 20, 1836) was a Catholic clergyman and a towering figure in the French Revolution. Known throughout his life as Abbé Sieyès, he was born in Fréjus in 1748, and received his ...

  8. Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès, What is the Third Estate? (1789)

    Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyes (1748-1836) was the son of a minor financial official whose search for advancement through a church career had brought him by 1788 to the position of vicar-general in the diocese of Chartres. So successful was his pamphlet that he was elected deputy of the Third Estate of Paris despite his clerical status.