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  2. Erich Ludendorff — Wikipédia

    Erich Ludendorff, né le 9 avril 1865 à Schwersenz, en province de Posnanie et mort le 20 décembre 1937 à Tutzing en Bavière, est un militaire et homme politique allemand. Il a exercé les fonctions de général en chef des armées allemandes (la Deutsches Heer ) pendant la Première Guerre mondiale , de 1916 à 1918.

  3. Erich LudendorffWikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

    Erich Ludendorff (ur. 9 kwietnia 1865 w Kruszewni koło Poznania, zm. 20 grudnia 1937 w Monachium) – wojskowy niemiecki, czołowy dowódca w czasie I wojny światowej

  4. Eric - Wikipedia

    Eric, Erich, and Erik are very common given names. The below list is a sampling. See All pages with titles beginning with Eric, All pages with titles beginning with Erich, and All pages with titles beginning with Erik for comprehensive lists. Erik Acharius, Swedish botanist; Eric Adams, American politician and retired police officer

  5. Mathilde Ludendorff - Wikipedia

    Mathilde Friederike Karoline Ludendorff (born Mathilde Spiess; 4 October 1877 – 24 June 1966) was a German psychiatrist. She was a leading figure in the Völkisch movement known for her unorthodox ( esoteric ) and conspiratorial ideas.

  6. Ludendorff | GTA Wiki | Fandom

    Ludendorff is a small rural town located in the state of North Yankton, featured in Grand Theft Auto V. Ludendorff was established in 1945, and still retains some of its original buildings. Little else is known about the town's history, other than it being home to the "Midwest's Biggest Beaver", The Ludendorff Beaver, which was built in 1987 and stands 10 meters tall. The town is very small ...

  7. social class | Definition, Theories, & Facts | Britannica

    social class, also called class, a group of people within a society who possess the same socioeconomic status. Besides being important in social theory, the concept of class as a collection of individuals sharing similar economic circumstances has been widely used in censuses and in studies of social mobility. The term class first came into wide use in the early 19th century, replacing such ...

  8. Lenteoffensief - Wikipedia

    Generaal Erich Ludendorff wilde met een combinatie van aanvallen een wig tussen de Fransen en de Britten drijven, waarna de Britten dwars door Noord-Frankrijk de zee in zouden worden gedreven. Dit zou de Franse ineenstorting brengen en de Amerikanen doen afzien van verdere hulp aan de geallieerden. Aldus Ludendorff.

  9. Erich Honecker – Wikipedia

    Werdegang des Jungkommunisten Kindheit und Jugend. Sein Vater Wilhelm Honecker (1881–1969) war Bergarbeiter und heiratete 1905 Caroline Catharina Weidenhof (1883–1963). ). Zusammen hatte das Paar sechs Kinder: Katharina (Käthe, 1906–1925), Wilhelm (Willi, 1907–1944), Frieda (1909–1974), Erich, Gertrud (verheiratete Hoppstädter, 1917–2010) und Karl-Robert (1923–1

  10. Beer Hall Putsch - HISTORY

    Hitler’s plan involved using Erich Ludendorff (1865-1937), the right-wing World War I general, as a figurehead to lead a march on Berlin to overthrow the Weimar Republic.

  11. Asthenie – Wikipedia

    Das Wort Schwächegefühl wird auch im übertragenen Sinn verwendet, etwa 1919 vom deutschen General Erich Ludendorff. Bezüglich der Kriegsfront 1917 in Lothringen meinte er: „Wir hatten dort immer ein gewisses Schwächegefühl.“ Siehe auch. Neurasthenie (F48.0) Psychasthenie (F48.8)