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  2. Erich von Manstein - Wikipedia

    Fritz Erich Georg Eduard von Manstein (born Fritz Erich Georg Eduard von Lewinski; 24 November 1887 – 9 June 1973) was a German Field Marshal of the Wehrmacht during the Second World War, who was subsequently convicted of war crimes and sentenced to 18 years imprisonment.

  3. Erich von Manstein | German general | Britannica

    Erich von Manstein, original name Erich Von Lewinski, (born Nov. 24, 1887, Berlin, Ger.—died June 11, 1973, Irschenhausen, near Munich, W.Ger.), German field marshal who was perhaps the most talented German field commander in World War II. The son of an artillery general, he was adopted by General Georg von Manstein after the untimely death of his parents.

  4. Erich von Manstein | eHISTORY - Ohio State University

    Erich von Manstein was born into an aristocratic Prussian family and joined the military at a young age. He saw combat in both World War I and World War II. Considered by both Allied and Axis powers as one of Germany's best military strategists and field commanders in World War II, von Manstein played a role in many key battles during World War II. However, his ongoing disagreements with Hitler over the way the war was progressing led to his dismissal in March, 1944.

  5. The Limits of Genius: Erich von Manstein - HistoryNet

    Born as Erich von Lewinski in 1887, he was adopted as a boy by a childless aunt and uncle. Both his biological and adoptive fathers were Prussian generals, making Manstein the scion of two aristocratic families. During World War I, he served in a variety of staff and field positions, and was wounded.

  6. Erich von Manstein - Jewish Virtual Library

    Manstein loathed the Nazi clique but welcomed Hitler 's campaign to restore Germany 's military power. A great admirer of von Moltke, he modelled his strategy after him. Like Guderian, he believed the strength of the German Army lay in its aptitude for blitzkrieg warfare.

  7. Trial of Erich von Manstein - Wikipedia

    Erich von Manstein (24 November 1887 – 9 June 1973) was a prominent commander of Nazi Germany 's World War II army ( Heer ). In 1949 he was tried for war crimes in Hamburg, was convicted of nine of seventeen charges and sentenced to eighteen years in prison. He served only four years before being released.

  8. Erich von Manstein – Wikipedia

    Erich von Manstein. Erich von Manstein, 1938. Fritz Erich von Lewinski genannt von Manstein (* 24. November 1887 in Berlin; † 10. Juni 1973 in Irschenhausen) war ein deutscher Berufsoffizier, ab 1942 im Rang eines Generalfeldmarschalls . Während des Zweiten Weltkriegs befehligte von Manstein Korps, Armeen und Heeresgruppen, ehe er 1944 in die Führerreserve versetzt wurde. 1945 geriet er zunächst in Kriegsgefangenschaft.

  9. Erich von Manstein | Military Wiki | Fandom

    Erich von Manstein (24 November 1887 – 9 June 1973) was one of the most prominent commanders of the Wehrmacht, Nazi Germany's armed forces during World War II. Attaining the rank of Generalfeldmarschall (Field Marshal), he was held in high esteem as one of Germany's best military strategists and field commanders.

  10. Erich von Manstein - Biography - IMDb

    Born Erich von Lewinski of Polish extraction, von Manstein was adopted by his mother's sister and her husband and took their family name. He passed out of the Cadet Corps in 1906 and saw some service in France on the Western front during World War I before going into the War Academy. From 1920 to 1937, von Manstein held various staff posts where he rose through the ranks of major, colonel and finally major-general.

  11. Lost Victories - Wikipedia

    Manstein portrayed the average Soviet soldier as courageous but poorly led. Depicting the Soviet officer corps as hopelessly incompetent, he portrayed the war on the Eastern Front as a German army vastly superior in fighting ability being steadily ground down by an opponent superior only in numbers. [2]