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  2. Eros - Wikipedia

    Eros passes his scepter of power to Nyx, who then passes it to Ouranos. The primordial Eros was also called Phanes ('illuminated one'), Erikepaios ('power'), Metis ('thought') and Dionysus. Zeus was said to have swallowed Phanes (Eros), and absorbing his powers of creation remade the world anew, such that Zeus was then both creator and ruler of the universe.

  3. Eros Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    ˈer-ˌäs ˈir-. Synonyms of Eros. 1. : the Greek god of erotic love compare cupid. 2. : the sum of life-preserving instincts that are manifested as impulses to gratify basic needs, as sublimated impulses, and as impulses to protect and preserve the body and mind compare death instinct. 3. a. : love conceived by Plato as a fundamental creative impulse having a sensual element.

  4. Eros | Greek god | Britannica

    Eros, in Greek religion, god of love. In the Theogony of Hesiod (fl. 700 bce ), Eros was a primeval god, son of Chaos, the original primeval emptiness of the universe, but later tradition made him the son of Aphrodite, goddess of sexual love and beauty, by either Zeus (the king of the gods), Ares (god of war and of battle), or Hermes (divine messenger of the gods).

  5. Is Eros "Verified" at all trustworthy? | AMP Reviews

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  7. Eros (concept) - Wikipedia

    Eros (/ ˈ ɪər ɒ s /, US: / ˈ ɛr ɒ s, i r ɒ s,-oʊ s /; from Ancient Greek ἔρως (érōs) 'love, desire') is a concept in ancient Greek philosophy referring to sensual or passionate love, from which the term erotic is derived. Eros has also been used in philosophy and psychology in a much wider sense, almost as an equivalent to "life energy".

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