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  2. Ferdinand III of Castile - Wikipedia

    Ferdinand III was one of the most successful kings of Castile, securing not only the permanent union of the crowns of Castile and León, but also masterminding the most expansive southward territorial expansion campaign yet in the Guadalquivir Valley, in which Islamic rule was in disarray in the wake of the decline of the Almohad presence in the …

    • Alfonso X

      Life Early life. Born in Toledo, Kingdom of Castile, Alfonso...

  3. Ferdinand III | king of Castile and Leon | Britannica

    Ferdinand III, also called Saint Ferdinand, Spanish San Fernando, (born 1201?—died May 30, 1252, Sevilla; canonized February 4, 1671; feast day May 30), king of Castile from 1217 to 1252 and of Leon from 1230 to 1252 and conqueror of the Muslim cities of Córdoba (1236), Jaén (1246), and Sevilla (1248).

  4. Saint Ferdinand III, king of Castile & León -

    Saint Ferdinand III (August 5, 1199 – May 30, 1252), was the King of Castile from 1217 and King of Galicia and Leon from 1230. Through his second marriage he was also Count of Aumale. He finished the work done by his maternal grandfather Alfonso VIII and consolidated the Reconquista. In 1231, he permanently united Castile and Galicia-León.

  5. St. Ferdinand III | EWTN

    King of Leon and Castile, member of the Third Order of St. Francis, born in 1198 near Salamanca; died at Seville, 30 May, 1252. He was the son of Alfonso IX, King of Leon, and of Berengeria, the daughter of Alfonso III, King of Castile, and sister of Blanche, the mother of St. Louis IX. In 1217 Ferdinand became King of Castile, which crown his ...

  6. Ferdinand III of Castile - Smartencyclopedia

    Ferdinand III (Spanish: Fernando III), 1199/1201 – 30 May 1252, called the Saint (el Santo), was King of Castile from 1217 and King of León from 1230 as well as King of Galicia from 1231. He was the son of Alfonso IX of León and Berenguela of Castile. Through his second marriage he was also Count of Aumale.

  7. Roman Catholic Saint, Spanish Royalty. Born the eldest son of King Alfonso IX of Leon and his second wife Berenguela I of Castile, he inherited Castile from his uncle Henry I in 1217 and united it after his father's death in 1230 with Leon. He fought for two decades against the Moors and conquered Cordoba, Jaen,...

  8. King Saint Ferdinand III and His Conquests for Christ

    Saint Ferdinand III, King of Castile and León, was born in 1198 to Alfonso IX, King of León, and Doña Berenguera of Castile. Ferdinand’s childhood was wrought with uncertainties. The marriage of his parents was annulled by the Holy Father due to the blood relationship between the spouses.

  9. St. Ferdinand III of Castile - Saints & Angels - Catholic Online

    Ferdinand III of Castile was the son of Alfonso IX, King of Leon, and Berengaria, daughter of Alfonso III, King of Castile (Spain). He was declared king of Castile at age eighteen. Ferdinand was born near Salamanca; proclaimed king of Palencia, Valladolid, and Burgos; his mother advised and assisted him during his young reign.

  10. St. Ferdinand III., King of Castile and Leon, Confessor

    St. Ferdinand III., King of Castile and Leon, Confessor. H E was eldest son to Alphonsus, king of Leon, and of Berangera of Castile, elder sister 1 of Blanche, mother of St. Lewis of France, and was born about the end of the year 1198 or some time in 1199. Beranga had been obliged by Pope Innocent III. to a separation from Alphonsus of Leon ...

  11. May 30 - Saint Ferdinand III of Castile - Prayers with Saints ...

    May 30 – Saint Ferdinand III of Castile Christ the King, Saint Ferdinand III of Castile was a great administrator who had very deep faith. His friendship with You inspired him to be a just ruler, and he pardoned those who attacked his throne.

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