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  2. Fort Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    1. : a strong or fortified place. especially : a fortified place occupied only by troops and surrounded with such works as a ditch, rampart, and parapet : fortification. 2. : a permanent army post often used in place names.

  3. FORT | English meaning - Cambridge Dictionary

    Meaning of fort in English fort noun [ C ] uk / fɔːt / us / fɔːrt / a military building designed to be defended from attack, consisting of an area surrounded by a strong wall, in which soldiers are based: The remains of the Roman fort are well preserved. Synonym fortress Photographed by MR.ANUJAK JAIMOOK/Moment/GettyImages

  4. Fort Definition & Meaning |

    Fort definition, a strong or fortified place occupied by troops and usually surrounded by walls, ditches, and other defensive works; a fortress; fortification. See more. DICTIONARY.COM

  5. Definitions of fort noun a fortified defensive structure synonyms: fortress see more noun a fortified military post where troops are stationed synonyms: garrison see more verb enclose by or as if by a fortification synonyms: fortify see more verb station (troops) in a fort see more verb gather in, or as if in, a fort, as for protection or defense

  6. fort (fɔrt, foʊrt) n. 1. a location occupied by troops and surrounded by defensive works, as walls and ditches. 2. any permanent army post. 3. (formerly) a trading post. Idioms: hold the fort, a. to defend one's position against attack or criticism. b. to maintain the existing state of affairs.

  7. Red Fort | Old Delhi, History, & Facts | Britannica

    The fort was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2007. The fort’s massive red sandstone walls, which stand 75 feet (23 metres) high, enclose a complex of palaces and entertainment halls, projecting balconies, baths and indoor canals, and geometrical gardens, as well as an ornate mosque.

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  9. See definition of fort on noun stronghold synonyms for fort Compare Synonyms acropolis blockhouse camp castle citadel fastness fortification fortress garrison redoubt station See also synonyms for: forts Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group. TRY USING fort QUIZ

  10. Park & Fort | Fort Zachary Taylor Park

    Fort Taylor is a perfect example of the wealth of history Florida has to offer. The park, which now covers a total of 54 acres, is a National Historic Landmark that played a significant role in Florida’s early development. Construction of the fort began in 1845, shortly after Florida became a state. ...

  11. Fort Myers Florida - Attractions & Things to Do in Fort Myers FL

    For visitors looking for family fun, outdoor adventures, or just a patch of white sand to relax in the Florida sunshine, there's Fort Myers. Start with a boat. There are island destinations such as Sanibel and Captiva, world-renowned for their Gulf of Mexico beaches and brilliant seashells. There are sea birds and raptors and resident dolphins at havens such as Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.