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  2. Frank Winfield Woolworth - Wikipedia

    Frank Winfield Woolworth (April 13, 1852 – April 8, 1919) was an American entrepreneur, the founder of F. W. Woolworth Company, and the operator of variety stores known as "Five-and-Dimes" (5- and 10-cent stores or dime stores) which featured a selection of low-priced merchandise.

  3. F. W. Woolworth Company - Wikipedia

    The first Woolworth store was opened by Frank Winfield Woolworth on February 22, 1879, as "Woolworth's Great Five Cent Store" in Utica, New York. Though it initially appeared to be successful, the store soon failed. When Woolworth searched for a new location, a friend suggested Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Using the sign from the Utica store ...

  4. Woolworths Group (United Kingdom) - Wikipedia

    The British branch of the F. W. Woolworth Company, which had been founded in Pennsylvania, F. W. Woolworth & Co. Ltd was founded by Frank Woolworth in Liverpool, England on 5 November 1909. Frank Woolworth had ancestry in Woolley, Cambridgeshire — Frank claimed he had traced his ancestry through the Founding Fathers of the district to a small ...

  5. Woolworth Estate - Wikipedia

    Woolworth Estate is a historic estate located at Glen Cove in Nassau County, New York. It was designed in 1916 by architect C. P. H. Gilbert (1861–1952) for Frank Winfield Woolworth (1852–1919).

  6. Seymour H. Knox I - Wikipedia

    Seymour Horace Knox I (April 1861 – May 17, 1915), was a Buffalo, New York businessman who made his fortune in five-and-dime stores. He merged his more than 100 stores with those of his first cousins, Frank Winfield Woolworth and Charles Woolworth, to form the F. W. Woolworth Company.

  7. Woolworth Building - Wikipedia

    The Woolworth Building was designed to be 420 feet (130 m) high but was eventually raised to 792 feet (241 m). Several different height measurements have been cited over the years, but the building rises about 793.5 feet (241.9 m) above the lowest point of the site.

  8. Charles Sumner Woolworth - Wikipedia

    Children: 3: Relatives: Frank Winfield Woolworth (brother) Seymour H. Knox I (cousin): Charles Sumner Woolworth (August 1, 1856 – January 7, 1947), was an American entrepreneur who went by the nickname of "Sum", opened and managed the world's first five-and-dime store in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and was founder of the "C. S. Woolworth & Co" chain of 5¢ & 10¢ stores.

  9. Woolworth Building – Wikipedia

    Das Woolworth Building ist ein historisches Hochhaus am Broadway in Manhattan, New York City. Es wurde zwischen 1910 und 1913 erbaut. Es wurde zwischen 1910 und 1913 erbaut. Der Bau kostete seinen Eigentümer Frank Winfield Woolworth 13,5 Millionen US-Dollar, die er in bar bezahlte. [2]

  10. Iconic Stores You Grew Up With That Are No Longer Around

    Founded in 1879 by Frank Winfield Woolworth, the company's first stores in Utica, New York, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania sold general merchandise and were called “five-and-dime’s” because ...

  11. List of Gilded Age mansions - Wikipedia

    Gilded Age mansions were lavish houses built between 1870 and the early 20th century by some of the richest people in the United States.. These estates were raised by the nation's industrial, financial and commercial elite, who amassed great fortunes in era of expansion of the tobacco, railroad, steel, and oil industries coinciding with a lack of both governmental regulation and the absence of ...