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  2. Frederick I of Prussia - Wikipedia

    Frederick I (German: Friedrich I.; 11 July 1657 – 25 February 1713), of the Hohenzollern dynasty, was (as Frederick III) Elector of Brandenburg (1688–1713) and Duke of Prussia in personal union (Brandenburg-Prussia). The latter function he upgraded to royalty, becoming the first King in Prussia (1701–1713).

  3. Frederick I | king of Prussia | Britannica

    Frederick I, (born July 11, 1657, Königsberg, Prussia [now Kaliningrad, Russia]—died Feb. 25, 1713, Berlin), elector of Brandenburg (as Frederick III), who became the first king in Prussia (1701–13), freed his domains from imperial suzerainty, and continued the policy of territorial aggrandizement begun by his father, Frederick William ...

  4. Frederick William I | Prussian King & Reformer | Britannica

    Frederick William I, German Friedrich Wilhelm I, (born August 14, 1688, Berlin—died May 31, 1740, Potsdam, Prussia), second Prussian king, who transformed his country from a second-rate power into the efficient and prosperous state that his son and successor, Frederick II the Great, made a major military power on the Continent.

  5. Frederick I of Prussia - New World Encyclopedia

    Frederick I of Prussia. Frederick I of Prussia (July 11, 1657 – February 25, 1713) of the Hohenzollern dynasty was elector of Brandenburg (1688–1713) and the first king in Prussia (1701–1713). A lavish patron of the arts, he did much to enrich Prussia's physical infrastructure.

  6. Frederick the Great - Wikipedia

    Frederick was the last Hohenzollern monarch titled King in Prussia, declaring himself King of Prussia after annexing Royal Prussia from the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1772. Prussia greatly increased its territories and became a major military power in Europe under his rule.

  7. What’s So Great About Frederick? The Warrior King of Prussia

    Ruling from his new capital, Berlin, Frederick’s father, Frederick William I, was Prussia’s second monarch. During his reign (1713-1740), Frederick William built up a large, well-trained army ...

  8. Frederick William I |

    Frederick William I (1688-1740) was king of Prussia from 1713 to 1740. He inherited a state whose resources were meager and turned it into a leading German power. The son of the elector Frederick III of Brandenburg and of Sophie Charlotte of Hanover, Frederick William I was born in Berlin on Aug. 15, 1688.

  9. Frederick I of Prussia - Wikiwand

    Frederick I , of the Hohenzollern dynasty, was Elector of Brandenburg and Duke of Prussia in personal union . The latter function he upgraded to royalty, becoming the first King in Prussia . From 1707 he was in personal union the sovereign prince of the Principality of Neuchâtel .

  10. Frederick I of Prussia -

    Father of Princess Louise Dorothea of Prussia; Friedrich Augustus von Brandenburg, Prinz; Son ...

  11. Frederick I (holy Roman Empire) |

    FREDERICK I (PRUSSIA) (1657 – 1713; ruled 1688 – 1713), as Frederick III elector of Brandenburg and duke of Prussia; from 1701, as Frederick I, king in Prussia. Frederick I was one of the great Hohenzollern rulers who contributed to the rise of the Prussian state.