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  2. George Wythe - Wikipedia

    Signature. George Wythe ( / wɪθ /; 1726 – June 8, 1806) [1] [2] was an American academic, scholar and judge who was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. The first of the seven signatories of the United States Declaration of Independence from Virginia, Wythe served as one of Virginia's representatives to the Continental Congress ...

  3. George Wythe | Biography & Facts | Britannica

    George Wythe, (born 1726, Elizabeth City county, Virginia [U.S.]—died June 8, 1806, Richmond, Virginia, U.S.), American jurist who was one of the first judges in the United States to state the principle that a court can invalidate a law considered to be unconstitutional.

  4. George Wythe - Colonial Williamsburg

    George Wythe George Wythe (1726 – 1806) was a citizen of Enlightenment, deeply interested in politics and history and science. He emphasized reason and individualism. In his lifetime, he argued both publicly and privately against slavery, urging the emancipation of enslaved people and owning none himself by the end of his life.

  5. George Wythe | American Battlefield Trust

    Wythe died on June 8, and officials quickly charged Sweeney with murder. A jury acquitted the boy for arsenic poisoning but convicted him for check forgery in a separate trial. In a great irony, however, Virginia courts overruled Sweeney’s conviction based on a forgery law drafted by George Wythe years prior.

  6. Biography of George Wythe : The Colonial Williamsburg ...

    George Wythe (pronounced "with") was born in 1726 at Chesterville in what is now Hampton, Virginia. His father was Thomas Wythe, a planter who died soon after George's birth. Wythe was reared by his mother, Margaret Walker Wythe, and probably received his early education from her.

  7. George Wythe - Wythepedia: The George Wythe Encyclopedia

    George Wythe. George Wythe (/ dʒɔː (ɹ)dʒ / / wɪð /) [2] (1726 – June 8, 1806) signer of the Declaration of Independence, first law professor in America, and chancery court judge, was born in Elizabeth City County, Virginia. Wythe spent the majority of his life in the Commonwealth, only traveling outside it to attend the Second ...

  8. George Wythe (1726 or 1727–1806) - Encyclopedia Virginia

    SUMMARY. George Wythe was a member of the House of Burgesses (1754–1755, 1758, 1761–1766) and the Conventions of 1776, 1787, 1788, a member of the Second Continental Congress during the American Revolution (1775–1783), Speaker of the House of Delegates (1777–1778), and judge of the High Court of Chancery (1778–1806).