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  2. Greenplum - Wikipedia

    Greenplum was acquired by EMC Corporation in July 2010, becoming the foundation of EMC's big data software division. Although EMC did not disclose the value, it was estimated at US$300 million . [10] [11] Greenplum's products at the time of acquisition were the Greenplum Database, Chorus (a management tool), and Data Science Labs.

  3. Greenplum Database

    Query external data sources with the Greenplum optimizer and query processing engine, including Hadoop, Cloud Storage, ORC, AVRO, Parquet and other Polyglot data stores.

  4. VMware Greenplum Documentation

    VMware Greenplum is a massively parallel processing (MPP) database server that supports next generation data warehousing and large-scale analytics processing. MPP (also known as a shared nothing architecture) refers to systems with two or more processors that cooperate to carry out an operation, each processor with its own memory, operating ...

  5. Greenplum includes integration with the messaging and streaming ecosystem, such as RabbitMQ. Together with improved low-latency writes, Greenplum provides fast event processing for streaming use cases.

  6. Tutorials – Greenplum Database

    The Origin of Greenplum Database. Ivan Novick, Scott Yara, Luke Lonergan | 15 Minutes. Greenplum Database Tutorial for Beginners.

  7. VMware Greenplum® 7 Documentation

    Support for managing Greenplum Database using VMware Greenplum Command Center Support for full text search and text analysis using VMware Greenplum Text Greenplum backup plugin for DD Boost

  8. Releases · greenplum-db/gpdb · GitHub

    Greenplum-db version: 7.0.0 Assets 6 👍 22 gpby, belou5ov, dishkakrauch, tvar, reshke, fanfuxiaoran, usernamedt, cobolbaby, raymondchen-byte, sp1022, and 12 more reacted with thumbs up emoji 🎉 24 f-bn, Omen4Dead, KOSSYX, ahmedrachid, OCHekmyshev, cobolbaby, KrasnovidKE, wahaha1967, raymondchen-byte, sp1022, and 14 more reacted with hooray ...

  9. About the Greenplum Architecture - VMware Docs

    Greenplum Database has the option to use column storage, data that is logically organized as a table, using rows and columns that are physically stored in a column-oriented format, rather than as rows. Column storage can only be used with append-optimized tables. Column storage is compressible.

  10. Greenplum Database by VMware | LinkedIn

    2mo. Join Samsung’s David McIntyre, MSEE, MBA and VMware’s Ivan D. Novick on October 3rd at 10am PT as they present this informative webinar, which will provide a detailed review of data ...

  11. Greenplum DB · GitHub

    PL/Container - GPDB execution sandboxing for Python and R. C 44 33 73 (13 issues need help) 7 Updated 1 hour ago. greenplum-database-release Public. A repository for code related to creating packages of Greenplum Database. Ruby 9 Apache-2.0 10 0 0 Updated 5 hours ago. pxf Public.