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  2. Greenplum - Wikipedia

    Greenplum is a big data technology based on MPP architecture and the Postgres open source database technology. The technology was created by a company of the same name headquartered in San Mateo, California around 2005. Greenplum was acquired by EMC Corporation in July 2010.

  3. Sep 28 - Introducing VMware Greenplum 7 - the unified ...

    Webinar. Sep 12 - Streamline Multi-Cloud Operations with VMware Tanzu and Managed Kubernetes. Read More. Webinar. Sep 7 - Fast-Track Deployment and Data Analytics with VMware Greenplum on vSphere and SDDC. Read More. Webinar. Aug 30 - How to Move Applications as Business Demands with VMware Aria Migration.

  4. BRIN - Block Range Indexes in Greenplum 7 - YouTube

    This talk introduces a new class of index available with Greenplum (aka GPDB) 7: the Block Range Index (aka BRIN), which offers up an extremely low-overhead ...

  5. AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL:Overview - Alibaba Cloud

    AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL is developed based on the open source Greenplum Database project and is enhanced with in-depth extensions by Alibaba Cloud. AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL is compatible with the ANSI SQL 2003 syntax and the PostgreSQL and Oracle database ecosystems.

  6. Greenplum vs. MongoDB vs. RisingWave Comparison;MongoDB...

    Full name is Pivotal Greenplum Database A logical database in Greenplum is an array of individual PostgreSQL databases working together to present a single database image. One of the most popular document stores available both as a fully managed cloud service and for deployment on self-managed infrastructure

  7. Workday Wednesday: BJ’s Improves Employee Retention by ...

    Access AlloyDB Azure Analysis Services Azure Synapse DB2 EnterpriseDB Greenplum IBM Informix Impala JDBC-ODBC Bridge MariaDB MySQL Oracle PostgreSQL SAP Business One SAP HANA SAP HANA XS Advanced SAP Hybris C4C SQL Analysis Services SQL Server SingleStore Sybase Sybase IQ Teradata xBase View More →

  8. Reversing the ETL Process Improves Data Operations

    In this perspective, we’ll look at how the recent trend of “reverse ETL” helps organizations utilize the output of analytic processes more effectively in operations. When data warehouses emerged, ETL – extract, transform and load – became the pattern for data integration. Source data is extracted from operational systems, transformed ...

  9. Digital Transformation of a Leading Stock Exchange in Asia

    8000+ Table Objects: Migrated from Greenplum to Oracle, dealing with 8 Peta Bytes of data. 90% Automation: Achieved high automation efficiency. 1000+ Scripts: Converted medium to complex Greenplum Scripts to Oracle and vice versa. Coding Guidelines: Defined and applied coding guidelines for the conversion process. Fast Facts. Technologies:

  10. Greenplum Database is essentially several PostgreSQL database instances acting together as one cohesive database management system. It is based on PostgreSQL8.2.15, and in most cases is very similar to PostgreSQL with regards to SQL support,features, configuration options, and end-user functionality.

  11. Additionally, Zhenghua Lyu et al. introduced the Greenplum HTAP database, which supports both OLTP and OLAP workloads while minimizing performance overhead and maintaining ACID properties . They incorporated a global deadlock detector into Greenplum to enhance query processing concurrency by employing different commit protocols based on the ...