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  2. Röhm Purge | Holocaust Encyclopedia

    Gregor Strasser, a former Nazi leader who had sought in the winter of 1932 to reach an electoral agreement with then Chancellor von Schleicher that would have barred Hitler from rising to power In addition, the SS targeted von Papen, who barely managed to escape. They killed two of his aides, Edgar Jung and Herbert von Bose.

  3. Adolf Hitler - Rise to power | Britannica

    Nevertheless, the party grew slowly in numbers, and in 1926 Hitler successfully established his position within it against Gregor Strasser, whose followers were primarily in northern Germany. The advent of the Depression in 1929, however, led to a new period of political instability.

  4. Finding aid Finding aid Summary Relates to the early lives of the brothers Gregor and Otto Strasser, their early prominence in the Nationalsozialistische deutsche Arbeiter-Partei, the development of differences between them and Adolf Hitler, the assassination of Gregor Strasser in 1934, and the anti-Nazi activities and later life of Otto Strasser.

  5. Who was Hitler's greatest rival within the Nazi Party? - Quora

    Answer (1 of 5): Gregor Strasser Born in Bavaria in 1892. Gregor Strasser fought in World War I winning The Iron Cross First and Second Class, the same awards given to Hitler.

  6. Gregor Straßer - Metapediaßer

    Gregor Straßer (often Strasser in English; 31 May 1892 – 30 June 1934) was a German officer of the Imperial German Army and politician of the National Socialist German Workers Party. An early member of NSDAP, he participated in the Munich Putsch and was later an important figure in the growth of the party, especially in northern Germany .

  7. Is Strasserism far-left or far-right? : r/AskHistorians - reddit

    For one thing, the Third Reich's murder of Gregor Strasser and the exile of Otto Strasser forced the latter to define his ideology as an oppositional ideology to Hitler's NSDAP. This meant that Strasserism began to assume a character that it did not possess when the Strassers were operating within the NSDAP.

  8. No, the Nazis Were Not Socialists - Jacobin

    But as the post further notes, Gregor Strasser is a peculiar Nazi to quote on this or any point. Strasser was indeed a Nazi, with thoroughly reprehensible nationalistic and anti-semitic views that he mixed with some traditionally left-leaning economic ideas.

  9. The Divide: Hitler and Strasser - The Fascio Newsletter

    Gregor Strasser regarded himself as a proud intellectual who had far more to offer the party than Hitler.” On 14th February, 1926 at the NSDAP annual conference, Gregor called for the destruction of capitalism in any way possible, including cooperation with the Bolsheviks of the Soviet Union.

  10. Gregor Strasser (1892-1934) - Find a Grave Memorial

    Gregor Strasser was a politician of the German Nazi Party (NSDAP). Gregor Strasser reorganized the whole NSDAP structure, both in its regional formation and its vertical management hierarchy. During the Nazi Party purge, also known as the Night of the Long Knives, Strasser was imprisoned and then assassinated on...

  11. Gregor Strasser as Nazi Party Leader |

    Here's my basic possible scenario. 1923-1929 Strasser slowly rebuilds the Nazi Party, although still a Nationalist movement Strasser actually supports the socialist aims of the Party which Hitler just used as a recruitment tool for the party. Growth is slow in these years but is slow but steadily increases. 1929-1932 The Great Depression along ...