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  2. Guglielmo Marconi | Biography, Inventions, Radio, & Facts

    Guglielmo Marconi, (born April 25, 1874, Bologna, Italy—died July 20, 1937, Rome), Italian physicist and inventor of a successful wireless telegraph, or radio (1896). In 1909 he received the Nobel Prize for Physics, which he shared with German physicist Ferdinand Braun.

  3. Guglielmo Marconi - Wikipedia

    Guglielmo Giovanni Maria Marconi, 1st Marquis of Marconi FRSA (Italian: [ɡuʎˈʎɛlmo marˈkoːni]; 25 April 1874 – 20 July 1937) was an Italian inventor and electrical engineer, known for his creation of a practical radio wave-based wireless telegraph system.

  4. Guglielmo Marconi - HISTORY

    Italian inventor and engineer Guglielmo Marconi (1874-1937) developed, demonstrated and marketed the first successful long-distance wireless telegraph and in 1901 broadcast the first...

  5. Guglielmo Marconi – Biographical -

    Guglielmo Marconi Biographical . G uglielmo Marconi was born at Bologna, Italy, on April 25, 1874, the second son of Giuseppe Marconi, an Italian country gentleman, and Annie Jameson, daughter of Andrew Jameson of Daphne Castle in the County Wexford, Ireland. He was educated privately at Bologna, Florence and Leghorn.

  6. Guglielmo Marconi - Invention, Radio & Definition - Biography

    (1874-1937) Who Was Guglielmo Marconi? Guglielmo Marconi was a Nobel Prize-winning physicist and inventor credited with the groundbreaking work necessary for all future radio technology....

  7. Guglielmo Marconi - Radio, Shortwave, and Nobel Prize

    Guglielmo Marconi In spite of the rapid and widespread developments then taking place in radio and its applications to maritime use, Marconi’s intuition and urge to experiment were by no means exhausted.

  8. Invention of radio - Wikipedia

    In the mid-1890s, building on techniques physicists were using to study electromagnetic waves, Jagadish Chandra Bose and Guglielmo Marconi developed the first apparatus for long-distance radio communication at a same time but Jagadish Chandra Bose hadn't get patent. [1]

  9. History - The Marconi Society

    Guglielmo Marconi was born in Bologna, Italy, on April 25, 1874. An inquisitive scientist and researcher, at the age of 35 Marconi would earn the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics (shared with Karl Ferdinand Braun), for his contributions to wireless telegraphy. He experimented with the application of Hertzian waves to the wireless transmission of ...

  10. Here you can view the Brochure of Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi in the English language. For the academic offer for international students refer to the international courses section of this website .

  11. Biography of Guglielmo Marconi, Italian Inventor - ThoughtCo

    Guglielmo Marconi (April 25, 1874—July 20, 1937) was an Italian inventor and electrical engineer known for his pioneering work on long-distance radio transmission, including the development of the first successful long-distance wireless telegraph in 1894 and the broadcast of the first transatlantic radio signal in 1901.