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  2. How Hackers Phish for Your Users' Credentials and Sell Them

    In 2022, there were more than 24 billion credentials for sale on the Dark Web, a increase from 2020. The price for stolen credentials varies depending on the account type. For example, stolen cloud credentials are about the same price as a dozen donuts while ING bank account logins will sell for $4,255. Access to these underground forums can be ...

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  4. Okta hackers stole data on all customer support users ... - CNBC

    A hack on Okta’s customer support system resulted in all customer data being stolen, the company said in a message to clients Tuesday. The company had previously said that less than 1% of Okta ...

  5. Hamas-Linked Cyberattacks Using Rust-Powered SysJoker ...

    Cybersecurity researchers have shed light on a Rust version of a cross-platform backdoor called SysJoker, which is assessed to have been used by a Hamas-affiliated threat actor to target Israel amid the ongoing war in the region.

    • Destination ‘dupe’ hack can save travellers money, experts say
      Destination ‘dupe’ hack can save travellers money, experts say
      Microsoft News
    • Iranian-backed hackers claim responsibility for cyberattack on water system
    • Charly Arnolt: 'Carron J. Phillips is nothing but a race-baiting hack'
      Microsoft News
    • Winter Shelter for Community Cats
  6. Chinese hackers steal chip designs from major Dutch ...

    Chimera, a Chinese-linked hacker group, infiltrated the network of the Dutch semiconductor giant NXP and had access for over two years from late 2017 to the beginning of 2020, reports NRC.During ...

  7. Nope it cannot. I have been using 3.5 to write code. I wrote a 'simple' app (200-300 lines) that although 'simple' it took A LOT of back and forth with the 3.5. In the end I had to spend a couple of days combing through it to add some key features (i.e. set values to zero so you don't see old data, etc.). Basically crude (but smart?) coding (I ...

  8. Is the S&P 500 Broken? | Hacker News

    The answer would be different based on what your time horizon is; pretty sure S&P 500 is highly up since the 1998 peak. It’s at 4500 compared to 1300~ at its peak in 1998. It will be broken (temporarily) if Nvidia (or take your pick) starts crashing but you might still do better than betting on an individual stock. reply.

  9. Get started with technical writing | Hacker News

    The two most thankless jobs in tech are Project Manager (ie, the person who keeps track of project progress) and Tech writer. Both have been continuously blown off by engineers since the dawn of my career, 30 years ago. Both are powerless to hold engineers accountable and especially Tech Writers don't get any credit even though most customers ...