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  2. Jalen Hurts brilliance in Week 2 further proven by deeper ...

    As the great Hank Stram once said “Just keep matriculatin’ the ball down the field, boys”! The Eagles have demonstrated that they don’t care how they get the ball down the field. They just ...

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    • Hank Stram: "A great football mind"
  3. Fresca honors Len Dawson at Kansas City Chiefs home opener

    Hank Stram, left, coach of the Kansas City Chiefs AFL team, announced the signing of a four-year contract by quarterback Len Dawson, right, in Kansas City, May 7, 1968. Salary terms for the 33 ...

  4. The Engine That Drove the Chiefs: KC’s Offensive Line Paved ...

    For its time, coach Hank Stram's offense was one of the more innovative and the AFL's best, but was more run-dominant finishing first or second in the league's rankings from 1962 to 1967, and second in the Super Bowl winning season.

  5. Four small pre-drilled holes in each corner of this painting, can be mounted on the wall by nails or double-sided tape or blu--tack. Approximate Size: 30 x 20cm / 12" x 8".

  6. Hank Stram on Twitter: "@rocco_castoro Thanks, man." / Twitter

    We have Broidy and Larry Mizel talking about Dermer and “Sam’s guy in LA.” We know who Sam is, and now we are going to bring the pain so acute brains will be spilling out of ears for years.

  7. Fantastic 47: No. 6, EJ Holub -

    However, the surgeries reduced his mobility to such a degree that coach Hank Stram switched him exclusively to center because he didn’t have to run as much as that position. Try to imagine ...


    Dawson’s career was going nowhere when he joined the Hunt family’s nascent AFL franchise, then located in Dallas. But along with coach Hank Stram, Dawson led it to three AFL titles and two Super Bowls. The Chiefs would lose to Green Bay in the inaugural one before beating Minnesota three years later at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans.

  9. Ufc Hall Of Fame 2022 - preilly

    The american football league, and hall of fame coach hank stram, gave len a true opportunity, and he made the most of it, building the chiefs into a super bowl contender, and eventually a. We host three main fundraisers each year: California sports hall of fame. The Ufc Hall Of Fame Is A Hall Of Fame Which Honors A Notable List Of.

  10. Why Does The Football World Hate Mike McCarthy? – OutKick

    His 143 career victories (153 counting the playoffs) are tied for the 24 th most in NFL history and his winning percentage (60.5%) ranks with all those coaches. Last year, the Cowboys led the NFL in scoring with 530 points, went 12-5 and won the NFC East. Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy is someone NFL fans love to hate.