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  2. Helmuth von Moltke - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    Helmuth Karl Bernhard Conde von Moltke (26 de octubre de 1800 - 24 de abril de 1891) fue un Mariscal de campo alemán cuyo genio militar ayudó a convertir a Prusia en el Estado hegemónico en Alemania. Bajo su dirección, Prusia derrotó a Dinamarca en 1864, a Austria en 1866 y a Francia en 1870.

  3. Helmuth von Moltke (Generalfeldmarschall) – Wikipedia

    Helmuth von Moltke stammte aus der Familie von Moltke, die zum mecklenburgischen Uradel zählt. Er war der Sohn des späteren dänischen Generalleutnants Friedrich Philipp Victor von Moltke (1768–1845) und dessen Ehefrau Henriette Sophie, geb.

  4. Prussian Army - Wikipedia

    In this new concept, commanders of distant detachments were required to exercise initiative in their decision making and von Moltke emphasised the benefits of developing officers who could do this within the limits of the senior commander’s intention. At the same time Moltke had worked out the conditions of the march and supply of an army.

  5. Erich von Falkenhayn - Wikipedia

    While Helmuth von Moltke the Younger and Hindenburg were highly critical of Falkenhayn and sought to have him dismissed, the Emperor continued to support him. Falkenhayn did not perceive the need to deploy troops on the Vistula. Falkenhayn favoured sending troops in East Prussia, where the Russians took advantage of the weakening 8th Army.

  6. TOP 25 QUOTES BY OTTO VON BISMARCK (of 114) | A-Z Quotes

    Helmuth von Moltke the Elder. Franz Joseph I of Austria Emperor of Austria. Abraham Lincoln 16th U.S. President. Adolf Hitler Former Chancellor of Germany.

  7. World War I - Military technology and initial strategies

    The elder Helmuth von Moltke, chief of the German general staff from 1858 to 1888, decided that Germany should stay at first on the defensive in the west and deal a crippling blow to Russia’s advanced forces before turning to counterattack the French advance.

  8. Adolf von Harnack – Quote Investigator

    References; ↑ 1: 1984, Popper Selections by Karl Popper, Edited by David Miller, Chapter 20: Indeterminism and Human Freedom, Date: 1965, (This chapter consists of sections II-IV and VI-XI from ‘Of Clouds and Clocks’; this was the Second Arthur Holly Compton Memorial Lecture, delivered at Washington University, St Louis, in 1965), Footnote 21, Quote Page 431, Princeton University Press ...

  9. Politics. Until recently, North Carolina had long leaned Democratic. In presidential elections, it has voted Democratic twice as many times as it has voted Republican. In presidential elections from 1968 to 2004, North Carolina supported the Democrat only in 1976, when he came from the South.

  10. 9 Worst Generals in History | Britannica

    In the opening month of World War I, Ludendorff and Paul von Hindenburg scored a crushing victory over the Russians at Tannenberg. However, Ludendorff and German General Staff chief Helmuth von Moltke had altered the Schlieffen Plan —Germany’s overall battle plan for fighting a two-front war—in a way that had weakened the attacking army ...