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  2. Alfred von Schlieffen - Wikipedia

    A favourite of the Emperor was Helmuth von Moltke the Younger, who became Chief of Staff after Schlieffen retired. Moltke went on to devise Aufmarsch II Ost, a variant upon Schlieffen's Aufmarsch Ost designed for an isolated Russo-German war.

  3. Herbert von Dirksen - Wikipedia

    Eduard Willy Kurt Herbert von Dirksen (2 April 1882 – 19 December 1955) was a German diplomat (and from 1936 when he joined the party, specifically a Nazi diplomat) who was the last German ambassador to Britain before World War II.

  4. Category:German Army generals of World War I - Wikipedia

    Georg von der Marwitz; Heinrich von Maur; Helmuth von Moltke the Younger; Max Montgelas; Curt von Morgen; Otto von Moser; Bruno von Mudra; P. Karl von Plettenberg;

  5. Switzerland during the World Wars - Wikipedia

    Under the Schlieffen Plan, the German General Staff had been open to the possibility of trying to outflank the French fortifications by marching through Switzerland in violation of its neutrality, although the plan's eventual executor Helmuth von Moltke the Younger selected Belgium instead due to Switzerland's mountainous topography and the ...

  6. References; ↑ 1: 1855, The Natural History of Pliny, Author: Pliny the Elder, Translator: John Bostock and H. T. Riley (Late Scholar of Clare Hall, Cambridge ...

  7. Adolf von Harnack – Quote Investigator

    References; ↑ 1: 1984, Popper Selections by Karl Popper, Edited by David Miller, Chapter 20: Indeterminism and Human Freedom, Date: 1965, (This chapter consists of sections II-IV and VI-XI from ‘Of Clouds and Clocks’; this was the Second Arthur Holly Compton Memorial Lecture, delivered at Washington University, St Louis, in 1965), Footnote 21, Quote Page 431, Princeton University Press ...