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  2. Henry IV | king of Castile | Britannica

    Henry IV, byname Henry the Impotent or Henry the Liberal, Spanish Enrique el Impotente or Enrique el Liberal, (born January 25, 1425, Valladolid, Castile [Spain]—died December 11, 1474, Madrid), king of Castile from 1454 to 1474, whose reign, though at first promising, became chaotic.

  3. Why is Westeros so opposed to female and bastard rulers if he ...

    John of Avis, Henry II of Castile, Ramiro I of Aragon and non monarchs like Maria Braganza, Henry Fitzroy and Robert earl of Gloucester. Even women rulers like Victoria, Anne, Mary I and II Elizabeth I where whole dynasties got switched around and people are ok with it.

  4. The three great religious monuments of Burgos - Mjaac

    The Strikes Monastery It is a religious monument that is located outside the center of Burgos, on the other side of the Arlanzón River. It is a monastery of the order of Cistercian nuns, founded on late 12th century by request of King Alfonso VIII of Castile, and it has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest.

  5. Henry II of England - Wikipedia

    Henry II (5 March 1133 – 6 July 1189), also known as Henry Curtmantle (French: Court-manteau ), Henry FitzEmpress, or Henry Plantagenet, was King of England from 1154 until his death in 1189, and as such, was the first Angevin king of England. King Louis VII of France made him Duke of Normandy in 1150.

  6. The 5 Greatest Medieval Kings in History

    Born on the 25th of April, 1214 near Paris, Louis was the son of King Louis VIII of France (also known as Louis the Lion) and his wife, Blanche of Castile (who was a daughter of King Alfonso VIII of Castile). Louis was only two years old when his grandfather, Philip II, died, and only 12 when his father died.

  7. Marguerite of France, Queen of England - geni family tree

    Princess Marguerite Hardi CAPET of Castile Born: 1279, Paris, France Married: 8 Sep 1299, Canterbury Cathedral, Kent, England Died: 14 Feb 1316-1317, Marlborough Castle, Wiltshire, England Buried: Grey Friars, Church, London, England Cause of her death was Natural causes. Another name for Marguerite was Marguerite LE HARDI.

  8. Ferdinand II of Aragon - Wikipedia

    He was also the nominal Duke of the ancient Duchies of Athens and Neopatria. He was King of Castile and León (as Ferdinand V) from 1475 to 1504, alongside his wife Queen Isabella I. From 1506 to 1516, he was the Regent of the Crown of Castile, making him the effective ruler of Castile.

  9. Philip II of Spain - Wikipedia

    Signature. Philip II [note 1] (21 May 1527 – 13 September 1598), also known as Philip the Prudent ( Spanish: Felipe el Prudente ), was King of Spain [note 2] from 1556, King of Portugal from 1580, and King of Naples and Sicily from 1554 until his death in 1598. He was jure uxoris King of England and Ireland from his marriage to Queen Mary I ...

  10. Historic Realms: The Crown of Castile Quiz - Fun Trivia

    Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile might be the most famous monarchs to rule the Crown of Castile, and they can trace their familial lines to the man in this image, Enrique II of Castile (also known as Henry II). After defeating his half-brother in 1369, he established which long-ruling house? Hint House of Habsburg House of Avis

  11. Mary Tudor (I of England) - The Diary of Samuel Pepys

    Signature. Mary I (18 February 1516 – 17 November 1558), also known as Mary Tudor, and as " Bloody Mary " by her Protestant opponents, was Queen of England and Ireland from July 1553 and Queen of Spain from January 1556 until her death in 1558. She is best known for her vigorous attempt to reverse the English Reformation, which had begun ...