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  4. 9 Tips to Recover Faster from COVID-19 or Flu - UnityPoint Health

    9 Ways to Recover From COVID-19 and Flu at Home Hydrate Your Body. When people are sick, they often have low energy and appetite levels, which can lead to less liquid... Eat Chicken Noodle Soup. Yes, grandmother was right. Chicken noodle soups relieves congestion since it’s hot and steamy. Try ...

  5. How To Recover Fast From COVID? Expert Reveals 2 ... - India

    Sydney: Increased intake of water and proper bed rest may help people recover fast from COVID-19 infections at home, according to an Australian expert. The coronavirus pandemic in Australia has led...

  6. How to Recover Faster from COVID-19? A Brief Guide

    Hence, here is a brief guide with simple tips on recovering faster from COVID-19 if you get infected. Drink Water and Eat More Often. Many sick people tend to lose their energy and appetite levels for food and liquid consumption.

  7. The Best Things to Take if You Get COVID - Yahoo!

    He suggests drinking plenty of water, tea, or other beverages that are gentle on the throat. Citrus juices, coffee, and spicy or very hot liquids will probably be too painful for a while. Water is...

  8. How to Recover From Covid-19 at Home - What You Need to Know

    Decongestants help reduce nasal congestion and help you breathe more easily. If you take decongestant pills, they may make you feel restless or cause ... Cough suppressants help reduce coughing. Ask your healthcare provider which type of cough medicine is best for you. To soothe a sore throat, ...

  9. How to Recover From COVID-19 at Home | Everyday Health

    Natural Remedies for COVID-19 Symptoms Difficulty breathing If you are having symptoms of mild or moderate dyspnea (difficulty breathing), schedule an... Shortness of breath If being short of breath makes you anxious, your doctor may advise breathing exercises that can help. Cough For help managing ...

  10. How long does it take to recover from COVID? - WHYY

    For people in that position, his best advice is to take a “watchful waiting” approach: Keep the lines of communication with a primary care doctor open, and be very careful about not rushing back to life as normal. “You have got to build based on your tolerance,” he said. “People were very sick, even if they weren’t in the hospital.”

  11. Coronavirus Recovery: Rate, Time, and Outlook - WebMD

    If you do get them, they may show up 2 to 14 days after your infection. And those symptoms can vary from one person to the next. One of the most common signs is a fever, which for most adults is ...

  12. How to Beat COVID-19 Fatigue | Everyday Health

    Fatigue is a top COVID-19 symptom. To recover, try over-the-counter medicines, drink lots of water, and prioritize rest. Read on for more tips.

  13. How to get Paxlovid, a pill that helps prevent COVID ...

    If you're concerned about getting COVID and want to make a plan of action ahead of time, experts recommend four steps: Be prepared to test quickly, if you suspect you might have COVID. "Have tests available at home, or know where you can... Know whether you're a person with risk factors. Check to ...