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  2. Increase Mather - Wikipedia

    In John Neal's 1828 novel Rachel Dyer, Increase Mather appears at the end of Martha Corey's witchcraft trial to announce the guilty verdict and give a speech. He is also played by Stephen Lang in the 2014 TV series Salem. Increase Mather also appears in Act of Oblivion (2022) by Robert Harris. Portraiture

  3. Increase Mather | Biography, Sermons, & Salem | Britannica

    Increase Mather, Congregational minister, author, and educator, who was a determining influence in the councils of New England during the period when leadership passed into the hands of the first native-born generation. He was the son of Richard Mather, son-in-law of John Cotton, and father of Cotton Mather.

  4. Home. INCREASE MATHER (1639-1723). Even more than his illustrious son Cotton, Increase Mather, is representative of American Puritanism in seventeenth-century New England. As a leader of Boston’s ministry, he became the defender of Puritan orthodoxy during its decline; as president of Harvard, he guided the college through its most difficult ...

  5. Salem Witch Trials: Increase Mather - University of Virginia

    In February 1674, Increase Mather delivered a sermon, entitled "The Day of Trouble is Near", the first of many great speeches to the faithful that would make him an influential Puritan leader in Boston and across the growing Massachusetts Bay Colony.

  6. Increase Mather - New World Encyclopedia

    Portrait by John van der Spriett. The Reverend Increase Mather (June 21, 1639 – August 23, 1723) was a major figure in the early history of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and Province of Massachusetts Bay (now the federal state of Massachusetts ).

  7. Increase Mather summary | Britannica

    Increase Mather, (born June 21, 1639, Dorchester, Massachusetts Bay Colony—died Aug. 23, 1723, Boston), American Puritan leader. The son of a Puritan cleric, he was educated at Harvard College and at Trinity College, Dublin.

  8. Collection: Papers of Increase Mather | HOLLIS for

    This collection contains letters and one page of notes written by Increase Mather between 1683 and 1717. Most of this material describes Mather's efforts to secure a royal charter for Harvard College and to protect the legacy left to the College by Robert Boyle.