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  2. J. P. Morgan Jr. - Wikipedia

    John Pierpont Morgan Jr. was an American banker, finance executive, and philanthropist. He inherited the family fortune and took over the business interests including J.P. Morgan & Co. after his father J. P. Morgan died in 1913. After graduating from St. Paul's School and Harvard College, Morgan trained as a finance executive working for his father and grandfather. He became a banking financier, a lending leader, and a director of several companies. He supported New York's Society for the Lying-

  3. John Pierpont Morgan, Jr. | American financier | Britannica

    See all related content →. John Pierpont Morgan, Jr., (born Sept. 7, 1867, Irvington, N.Y., U.S.—died March 13, 1943, Boca Grande, Fla.), American banker and financier, the head of the Morgan investment banking house after the death of his father, John Pierpont Morgan, Sr. He graduated from Harvard University in 1889 and became a member of his father’s banking firm, J.P. Morgan and Company, in 1892, working in the firm’s London branch for eight years.

  4. J. P. Morgan Jr. Biography - Facts, Childhood, Family Life ...

    J. P. Morgan, Jr. was an American banker and a philanthropist; he was the son of the famous banker J. P. Morgan. After the death of his father, he took over the family business interests which included the J. P. Morgan & Co. and inherited a lot of fortune. He contributed largely to the family wealth when he got awarded with an elite contract for the British government as munitions purchasing agent during the World War I.

  5. The German Spy Who Tried To Murder J.P. Morgan Jr. -

    On July 3, 1915, a man forced his way into the home of millionaire J.P. "Jack" Morgan Jr., the son of banking magnate John Pierpont Morgan, and shot him twice. Fortunately, the bullets were fired randomly in the midst of a scuffle and inflicted only moderate injuries on the intended victim. Meanwhile, Morgan, his wife, and his butler subdued the intruder until police could turn up.

  6. J.P. Morgan | Biography & Facts | Britannica

    J.P. Morgan, in full John Pierpont Morgan, (born April 17, 1837, Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.—died March 31, 1913, Rome, Italy), American financier and industrial organizer, one of the world’s foremost financial figures during the two pre-World War I decades.

  7. J.P. Morgan Jr had a net worth of $400 billion in today’s money. He was American banker and financier, the head of the Morgan investment banking house. He gained a variety of assets by being in the financial services industry before the company became a commercial banking firm.

  8. History of Our Firm - JPMorgan Chase

    Junius S. Morgan, patriarch of the Morgan banking family, moves to London and joins the private banking firm George Peabody & Co. It becomes the leading marketer of American securities in England and Europe, raising capital for the first transatlantic telegraph cable in 1858 among other important deals.

  9. FDR coup: The business plot to oust President Franklin D ...

    Its members included J.P. Morgan Jr., Irénée du Pont and the CEOs of General Motors, Birds Eye and General Foods, among others. Together they held near $40 billion in assets, Denton said — about...

  10. J.P. Morgan - Biography, Financier & Wealth - HISTORY

    J.P. Morgan: Congressional Investigation During Morgan’s era, the United States had no central bank so he used his influence to help save the nation from disaster during several economic...

  11. Morgan family - Wikipedia

    J. P. Morgan's legacy was continued by his son of the same name, although his son never became as prominent as his father. Born in 1867, John Pierpont Morgan, Jr. attended Harvard University, class of 1889. Also known as "Jack", he entered the banking industry, like his father, becoming a partner at Drexel, Morgan and Company, Bankers and Brokers of New York City in 1892.