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  2. James II of England - Wikipedia

    James VII and II (14 October 1633 O.S. – 16 September 1701) was King of England and Ireland as James II and King of Scotland as James VII from the death of his elder brother, Charles II, on 6 February 1685. He was deposed in the Glorious Revolution of 1688. He was the last Catholic monarch of England, Scotland and Ireland.

  3. James II | Biography, Religion, Accomplishments, Successor, &...

    James II succeeded his brother, Charles II, as king of England, Scotland, and Ireland in 1685 and was deposed by the Glorious Revolution in 1688. What is James II known for? James II converted to Roman Catholicism before coming to the throne.

  4. James II of England - Simple English Wikipedia, the free...

    James made one serious attempt to recover his throne when he landed in Ireland in 1689. After his defeat at the Battle of the Boyne in the summer of 1690, he returned to France , living the rest of his life under the protection of King Louis XIV .

  5. BBC - History - James II

    v. w. x. y. z. James II © James was a Stuart king of England, Scotland and Ireland who in 1688 was overthrown in the 'Glorious Revolution' by William III. James was born on 14 October 1633...

  6. Glorious Revolution | Summary, Significance, Causes, & Facts

    The Glorious Revolution refers to the events of 1688–89 that saw King James II of England deposed and succeeded by one of his daughters and her husband. James’s overt Roman Catholicism , his suspension of the legal rights of Dissenters, and the birth of a Catholic heir to the throne raised discontent among many, particularly non-Catholics.

  7. James II of England - World History Encyclopedia

    James II of England (r. 1685-1688) reigned briefly as the king of England, Scotland, and Ireland until he was deposed by the Glorious Revolution of November 1688. James, also known as James VII of Scotland, was the fourth Stuart monarch.

  8. Born in 1633 and named after his grandfather James I, James II grew up in exile after the Civil War (he served in the armies of Louis XIV) and, after his brother's restoration, commanded the Royal Navy from 1660 to 1673.

  9. James II summary | Britannica

    James II, (born Oct. 14, 1633, London, Eng.—died Sept. 16/17, 1701, Saint-Germain, France), King of Great Britain (1685–88). He was brother and successor to Charles II . In the English Civil Wars he escaped to the Netherlands (1648).

  10. James II of England - New World Encyclopedia

    The son of James II, James Francis Edward Stuart (known to his supporters as "James III and VIII" and to his opponents as the "Old Pretender"), took up the Jacobite cause. He led a rising in Scotland in 1715 shortly after George I's accession, but was defeated.

  11. James II | History Today

    James II of England and VII of Scotland. Last Roman Catholic king of England. His promotion of co-religionists, and his suspension of the laws against both them and Protestant dissidents, antagonized Parliament and the aristocracy. Accused of absolutist ambitions, he so alienated his subjects that when William of Orange landed in England with an army - invited by seven leading Englishmen to ...