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  2. James Wilkinson - Wikipedia

    James Wilkinson (March 24, 1757 – December 28, 1825) was an American soldier, politician, and double agent who was associated with several scandals and controversies. [2] He served in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War , but he was twice compelled to resign.

  3. James Wilkinson | Revolutionary War, Ohio Company, Louisiana ...

    James Wilkinson, (born 1757, Calvert county, Maryland [U.S.]—died December 28, 1825, Mexico City, Mexico), American soldier and adventurer, a double agent whose role in the Aaron Burr conspiracy still divides historians. Wilkinson served in the American Revolution (1775–83) as adjutant general under General Horatio Gates (1777–78).

  4. The Man Who Double-Crossed The Founders : NPR

    In An Artist In Treason, author Andro Linklater recounts the double life of Revolutionary War hero James Wilkinson and how he won the trust of America's first presidents — while selling their ...

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  5. James Wilkinson (March 24, 1757 – December 28, 1825) was an American soldier, politician, and double agent who was connected with several scandals and controversies. [1] James Wilkinson. 6th and 9th Senior Officer of the United States Army. In office. June 15, 1800 – January 27, 1812.

  6. James Wilkinson | American Battlefield Trust

    Learn about the life and career of James Wilkinson, a Revolutionary War and War of 1812 general who served as a spy for the Spanish Empire and a conspirator with Aaron Burr. Find out how he was involved in the Conway Cabal, the Spanish Conspiracy, the Kentucky Resolution, and the Burr-Wilkinson Affair.

  7. James Wilkinson: America's Greatest Scoundrel - Varsity Tutors

    A biography of James Wilkinson, a traitor, spy, and general who sold his citizenship to Spain, lied and cheated throughout his life, and fomented rebellion and war. Learn how he became the ranking commander of the U.S. Army in 1798 and the commander of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, and how he was involved in the Conway Cabal and the plot to remove Washington.

  8. James Wilkinson - Saratoga National Historical Park (U.S ...

    James Wilkinson was a Revolutionary War veteran, aide to Generals Gates and Arnold, and a Spanish agent who conspired with the King of Spain to separate Kentucky from Virginia and annex it to Spain. He also led a campaign in Spanish Florida and Mexico, and was a U.S. Envoy to Mexico in 1821. He died in Mexico City in 1825.

  9. James Wilkinson |

    James Wilkinson was an American army general and frontier adventurer who was involved in western land intrigues with Spain and in Aaron Burr's scheme to disrupt the Union. He was born in Maryland, studied medicine, and rose through the ranks in the Continental Army. He served as a diplomat and commander in the west, and was acquitted of charges of conspiracy with Burr.

  10. 1811 Espionage Trial of Gen. James Wilkinson : CSPAN3 ...

    eastern here on american history tv. >> james wilkinson fought in the american revolution and later served as commanding general of the u.s. army and first governor of the louisiana territory. yet, in 1811, accused of spying for the spanish empire, he became the highest ranking official in u.s. history ever to face an espionage trial. retired cia investigator howard cox, is writing a book on ...

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