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  2. Mortein - Wikipedia

    Mortein is an Australian brand of household insecticide owned by the British company Reckitt.Together with its sister product Aerogard, a popular insect repellent, Mortein is widely used in Australia and is marketed internationally.

  3. Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP advised Round13 E-Fund, L.P. on the round. On November 18, 2022, Alvéole announced it had closed its $8.1 million Series A...

  4. Reckitt Benckiser — Википедия

    Benckiser. В 1823 году Иоганн А. Бенкайзер (нем. Johann А. Benckiser) основал бизнес в Германии, основной деятельностью которого стало производство промышленных химикатов. В 1956 году компания перешла на ...

  5. Strepsils - Wikipedia

    Extra Strepsils contains hexylresorcinol as an active ingredient and strepsils sore throat and nose covered contains menthol 8 mg. Reckitt Benckiser also produces a higher resistance pill that used to be marketed under the Strepsils Intensive label, but is now marketed under the Strefen brand, which contains the active ingredient flurbiprofen 8 ...

  6. JAB Holding – Wikipedia

    Die Holding entstand aus dem Vermögen des von Johann Adam Benckiser und Karl Ludwig Reimann gegründeten Chemieunternehmens Joh. A. Benckiser GmbH mit Sitz in Pforzheim, Ludwigshafen am Rhein und Ladenburg dessen Reinigungsmittelsparte 1999 mit der britischen Reckitt & Coleman zu Reckitt Benckiser (seit 2021 Reckitt) fusionierte.

  7. Who we are |

    Benckiser founded in Germany as an industrial chemicals business, by Johann A. Benckiser . 1840. Reckitt & Sons founded in Hull, UK . 1938.

  8. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Tropical Storm Zelda was the last tropical cyclone of the 1991 Pacific typhoon season.The area of low pressure that became Zelda formed near the International Date Line, and became a tropical depression on November 27, 1991.

  9. Carl Benz - Wikipedia

    Carl Benz was born Karl Friedrich Michael Vaillant, on 25 November 1844 in Mühlburg, now a borough of Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, which is part of modern Germany.His parents were Josephine Vaillant and a locomotive driver, Johann Georg Benz, whom she married a few months later.

  10. 利洁时_百度百科利洁时

    利洁时在伦敦证券交易所的上市公司中排名前25位。我们为更健康的生活,更幸福的家庭提供创新性的解决方案。自2000年以来,净收入增加两倍,市值也增加5倍之多。如今,凭借卓越的创新能力,利洁时快速增长的品类中,大部分产品位居全球第一或第二位。我们的健康、卫生和家居护理组合共有19 ...

  11. Lysol - Wikipedia

    Lysol (/ ˈ l aɪ s ɒ l /; spelled Lizol in India) is a brand of American cleaning and disinfecting products distributed by Reckitt, which markets the similar Dettol or Sagrotan in other markets.