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  2. John Quincy Adams - Wikipedia

    John Quincy Adams ( / ˈkwɪnzi / ( listen); [a] July 11, 1767 – February 23, 1848) was an American politician, diplomat, lawyer, and diarist who served as the sixth president of the United States, from 1825 to 1829. He previously served as the eighth United States Secretary of State from 1817 to 1825.

  3. John Quincy Adams | Biography, Facts, & Presidency | Britannica

    John Quincy Adams, byname Old Man Eloquent, (born July 11, 1767, Braintree [now Quincy], Massachusetts [U.S.]—died February 23, 1848, Washington, D.C., U.S.), sixth president of the United States (1825–29) and eldest son of President John Adams.

  4. John Quincy Adams - Biography, Presidency & Facts - HISTORY

    Born on July 11, 1767, in Braintree (now Quincy), Massachusetts, John Quincy Adams was the second child and first son of John and Abigail Adams. As a young boy, John Quincy watched the...

  5. John Quincy Adams | The White House

    John Quincy Adams, son of John and Abigail Adams, served as the sixth President of the United States from 1825 to 1829. A member of multiple political parties over the years, he also served...

  6. John Quincy Adams - People - Department History - Office of the...

    John Quincy Adams was appointed Secretary of State by President James Monroe on March 5, 1817. He served from September 22, 1817, until March 3, 1825. Adams enjoyed unique training in diplomacy and became one of the most influential diplomats in U.S. history.

  7. John Quincy Adams - Presidency, Political Party & Quotes - ...

    Name: John Quincy Adams Birth Year: 1767 Birth date: July 11, 1767 Birth State: Massachusetts Birth City: Braintree Birth Country: United States Gender: Male Best Known For: John Quincy Adams...

  8. John Quincy Adams (1767 - 1848) - National Park Service

    John Quincy Adams was one of the U.S. representatives at these negotiations, which started in August of 1814, and resulted in the signing of the Treaty of Ghent on December 24 of that year, that ended the War of 1812. Adams then visited Paris, where he witnessed the return of Napoleon from Elba for the Hundred Days War.

  9. John Quincy Adams | Facts and Brief Biography - ThoughtCo

    John Quincy Adams had few accomplishments as president, as his agenda was routinely blocked by his political enemies. He came into office with ambitious plans for public improvements, which included building canals and roads, and even planning a national observatory for the study of the heavens.

  10. John Quincy Adams was the first United States Minister to Russia. In 1809, Adams was appointed the first official U.S. representative (ambassador) to Russia. He had previously lived there as a...

  11. 1824 United States presidential election - Wikipedia

    The 1824 United States presidential election was the tenth quadrennial presidential election.It was held from Tuesday, October 26 to Thursday, December 2, 1824. Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay and William Crawford were the primary contenders for the presidency.The result of the election was inconclusive, as no candidate won a majority of the electoral vote.