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  2. Juda Grossman - Wikipedia

    Juda Solomonovich Grossman (7 February 1883 – 6 June 1934) [1] was a Ukrainian revolutionary anarchist, journalist and literary critic. Biography Juda Solomonovich Grossman was born into a Jewish merchant family in Kherson. [2] At the age of 15 he became a Social Democrat and was arrested several times.

  3. Juda Grossman - Wikiwand

    Juda Solomonovich Grossman (7 February 1883 – 6 June 1934) was a Ukrainian revolutionary anarchist, journalist and literary critic.

  4. The article is a contribution to the biography of Iuda Grossman-Roshchin (1883—1934), a Russian revolutionary with Jewish roots. The author traces back Grossman’s progress and analyzes his evolution against the background of socio-political crises in Eastern Europe at the beginning of the 20th century.

  5. Anarchism in Ukraine - Wikipedia

    Juda Grossman described the rise of anarchist groups in the wake of the revolution as though they "sprang up like mushrooms after a rain". Jewish anarchist groups sprouted up throughout many of the small towns in the Pale, while in the cities of Ukraine, the anarchist movement that had first appeared in Odesa and Katerynoslav had spread to Kyiv ...

  6. Historical records and family trees related to Juda Grossman. Records may include photos, original documents, family history, relatives, specific dates, locations and full names.

  7. Anarchists who became Marxists |

    Judah Grossman-Roshchin (1883-1934) is an interesting case. From what I've gathered he was an anarchist from his teens up to and until working with Makhno in the Ukraine. Afterwards he critiqued anarchists such as Kropotkin and was in general busy with the history and theory of anarchism, but also literature from a Marxist perspective.

  8. Olga Taratuta - Wikipedia

    In 1895, Taratuta was arrested for socialist political activism, and in 1897, she joined the Yelisavethrad branch of the South Russian Workers' Union , led by Juda Grossman. In 1898, she became a member the newly-founded Social Democratic Labour Party (SDLP).

  9. Juda Jozsef Yehuda Grossman (1847 - 1926) - Genealogy -

    Juda Jozsef Yehuda Grossman. Birthdate: 1847. Birthplace: Buczlo, Szekcso, Saros, Hungary. Death: September 18, 1926 (78-79) Raclavice, Szekcso, Saros, Hungary (Died on Yom Kippur 5687) Immediate Family:

  10. Mikhail Uralov - Wikipedia

    In May 1920, Uralov was put in charge of the RIAU's political work, collaborating with Peter Arshinov, Juda Grossman and Volin on writing articles for The Road to Freedom. [14] After the war, he moved to Simferopol , where he held a series of anarchist meetings at his apartment.

  11. Juda [Julius] Grossman (1833 - 1868) - Genealogy -

    Juda [Julius] Grossman: Birthdate: 1833: Death: 1868 (34-35) Immediate Family: Husband of Ethel Grossman Father of Hodda(Lottie) Grossman; Gesse Grossman; Rachel Grossman; Jacob Moses Grossman and Isaac Sylman Yitzhak Grossman. Managed by: Private User Last Updated: May 14, 2019