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  2. Lev Zadov - Wikipedia

    Veselaya Yevreyka, Yuzivka, Katerynoslav, Russian Empire: Died: 25 September 1938 (aged 45) Kyiv, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union: Cause of death: Execution by firing squad: Resting place: Bykivnia, Darnytsia, Kyiv, Ukraine: Citizenship: Russian Empire (1893-1917) Stateless (1918-1925) Soviet Union (1925-1938) Nationality: Ukrainian Jew: Spouse ...

  3. The world on the Holodomor: Tragedy in a global context

    In March of 1933, Gareth Jones broke this resolution by purchasing a train ticket to another city, leaving the train before his final destination and travelling in Ukraine, going from village to village. An excerpt of Gareth Jones’s first diary, written during his 1933 visit to the USSR.

  4. Yekaterinoslav Governorate - Wikipedia

    Location The government was created in 1802 out of the Yekaterinoslav vice-regency. The governorate bordered to the north with the Kharkov Governorate and Poltava Governorate, to the west and southwest with the Kherson Governorate, to the south with the Taurida Governorate and Sea of Azov, and to the east with Don Host Oblast .

  5. Makhnovshchina - Wikipedia

    History 1917 Revolution Ukrainian–Soviet War Oleksandrivsk Uprising Austro-German invasion Battle of Dibrivka Battle of Donbas Battle of Peregonovka Eichenfeld massacre Polonsky conspiracy Starobilsk agreement Northern Taurida Operation Siege of Perekop Bolshevik–Makhnovist conflict People Military commanders Belochub Bilash Bondarets Brova Budanov

  6. Veselaya - Alexandrovskii District - JewishGen

    Vesselaya Hoopolov 47° 41' / 36° 36 ' Veselaya school, 1904. Established 1845 Population: (Hamagid 1858; Jan. 29) 71 families, 381 people. At the end of 1885 there were 27 families in the colony. From the Hebrew Press:

  7. Lev Zadov - Wikiwand

    Lev Mykolaiovych Zadov , also known by his nom de guerre Lev Zinkovskyi , was chief of military intelligence of the Revolutionary Insurgent Army of Ukraine and later an operative of the Joint State Political Directorate .

  8. JewishGen Communities Database

    Russian Empire: 11: Vesëlaya Yevreyka, Ukraine 47°41' N 36°37' E 539 km SE of Kyyiv: Vesëlaya Yevreyka [Rus], Hoopolov [Yid], Vesolyia, Vesselaya: Vesëlaya Yevreyka Soviet Union: Vesolyia Zaporozhe Ukraine SSR Soviet Union: Vesolyia Aleksandrovsk Ekaterinoslav Russian Empire: 10: Mezhyrich, Ukraine 47°36' N 36°25' E 533 km SE of Kyyiv

  9. About: Lev Zadov - DBpedia Association

    Veselaya Yevreyka, Yuzivka, Katerynoslav, Russian Empire (en) dbp:branch: Red Guards (en) Revolutionary Insurgent Army of Ukraine (en) Joint State Political Directorate (en) People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs (en) dbp:branchLabel: Service (en) dbp:children: Alla Zinkovskaya (en) Vadim Zinkovsky (en) dbp:citizenship: Russian Empire (en ...

  10. Revolution of 1905 - Encyclopedia of Ukraine

    A period of revolutionary unrest and radical reform in the Russian Empire in 1905–7. The revolution broke out on 22 January 1905, when the tsarist authorities opened fire on a peaceful demonstration of workers in Saint Petersburg .