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  2. Louis Blanc - Wikipedia

    Louis Jean Joseph Charles Blanc ( / blɑːn /; French: [blɑ̃]; 29 October 1811 – 6 December 1882) was a French politician, historian, and socialist. He called for the creation of cooperatives in order to guarantee employment for the urban poor. Although Blanc's ideas of the workers' cooperatives were never realized, his political and social ...

  3. Louis Blanc | French politician | Britannica

    Louis Blanc, in full Jean-josephcharles-louis Blanc, (born Oct. 29, 1811, Madrid, Spain—died Dec. 6, 1882, Cannes, Fr.), French utopian socialist, noted for his theory of worker-controlled “social workshops.” Louis Blanc was born while his father was serving as inspector general of finances in the Spanish regime of Joseph Bonaparte. When that regime collapsed in 1813, the Blancs returned ...

  4. Louis Blanc summary | Britannica

    Louis Blanc, (born Oct. 29, 1811, Madrid, Spain—died Dec. 6, 1882, Cannes, France), French utopian socialist and journalist.In 1839 he founded the socialist newspaper Revue du Progrès and serially published his The Organization of Labour, which described his theory of worker-controlled “social workshops” that would gradually take over production until a socialist society came into being.

  5. Louis Blanc |

    Louis Blanc was born on Oct. 29, 1811, in Madrid, where his father was comptroller of finance for King Joseph, Napoleon's brother. Financially ruined by the fall of the French Empire, the Blanc family returned to Paris, and Louis managed to earn enough from his writings to study law. In 1839 Blanc published his most famous essay, L'Organisation ...

  6. Louis Blanc — Wikipédia

    Louis Jean Joseph Blanc, né le 29 octobre 1811 à Madrid et mort le 6 décembre 1882 à Cannes, est un journaliste et historien français, membre du gouvernement provisoire de 1848 et député sous la Troisième République .

  7. Histoire de la Révolution Française - Louis Blanc - Google Books

    Louis Blanc (1811-82) was a French historian and politician whose writings had a considerable influence on the development of French socialism. In his famous Organisation du travail (1839) he called for social reform by action of the State, an unusual position at the time. As a member of the provisional government established after the 1848 ...

  8. National Workshops - Wikipedia

    The provisional government under the influence of one of its members, Louis Blanc, passed a decree (25 February 1848) guaranteeing government-funded jobs. The following is an extract: "The provisional government of the French Republic undertakes to guarantee the existence of the workmen by work.

  9. Louis Blanc, the Man and the Political Leader - Collection at ...

    Louis Blanc’s faith in the people was not in the true sense a democratic faith. He was not for the rule of a majority. The people meant with him in theory the whole sum of the population of France excluding the nobility, the aristocracy, the clergy (albeit springing mostly from the soil), the professions, the whole middle class in whose hands ...

  10. Louis Blanc – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

    Louis Blanc, de batismo Louis Jean Joseph Charles Blanc ( Madrid, 29 de outubro de 1811 – Cannes, 6 de dezembro de 1882) foi um socialista francês. [ 1] Teve importante participação na Revolução de 1848, quando suas idéias foram colocadas em prática devido à associação entre liberais e socialistas, na tentativa de derrubar a monarquia.

  11. Louis Blanc (1811­1882), called a "utopian Socialist" by Marx looked for a solution to the pain of the industrial revolution by reorganizing the economy. He was heavily influenced by the Saint-Simonians of the 1830s. During the Revolution of 1848, Blanc became director of a commission on labor, but his plans did not come to fruition.

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