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  2. Martin Bormann | German Nazi leader | Britannica

    Martin Bormann, (born June 17, 1900, Wegeleben, near Halberstadt, Germany—died May 1945, Berlin), powerful party leader in Nazi Germany, one of Adolf Hitler’s closest lieutenants. Martin Bormann An avowed and vocal pan-German in his youth, Bormann participated in right-wing German Free Corps activities after the close of World War I .

  3. Martin Bormann | Holocaust Encyclopedia

    Martin Bormann (1900–1945) became the chief of staff for Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler's deputy, in 1933. Virtually unknown to the German public, Bormann as a close assistant to Hitler was a powerful force behind the scenes in internal politics.

  4. Martin Adolf Bormann - Wikipedia

    Martin Adolf Bormann (14 April 1930 – 11 March 2013) was a German theologian and laicized Roman Catholic priest. He was the eldest of the ten children of Martin Bormann .

  5. Martin Bormann - Jewish Virtual Library

    Martin Bormann was head of the Party Chancellery and private secretary of Adolf Hitler, who by the end of World War II had become second only to the Fuhrer himself in terms of real political power. Bormann was born on June 17, 1900, in Halberstadt, Germany. The son of a former Prussian regimental sergeant-major who later became a post-office employee, Bormann dropped out of school to work on a farming estate in Mecklenburg.

  6. The twisted sex lives of Nazis — and the women who loved them

    In October 1943, Adolf Hitler’s private secretary Martin Bormann fell head over heels with a woman he flirted with at a ball. The woman, Manja Behrens, was a dental assistant turned actress,...

  7. Martin Bormann - A New Body of Evidence - Tech Featured

    Martin Bormann Hitler’s right hand man and chancellor, the man that controlled all of the vast Nazi loot was tried in absentia in October 1946 at the Nuremberg trials. Found guilty of war crimes and sentenced to death by hanging, Bormann evaded the noose due to his mysterious disappearance.

  8. Contrary to statements of an eye-witness who reported that Martin Bormann, the second most powerful man in the Third Reich, died on 2 May 1945 in Berlin, rumours persisted over the years that he had escaped from Germany after World War II. In 1972, skeletal remains were found during construction work, and by investigating the teeth and the bones experts concluded that they were from Bormann.

  9. DNA test closes book on mystery of Martin Bormann | The ...

    The Bormann myth began in the dying days of the Third Reich. The Nazi party leader and Hitler's private secretary was entrusted with the Fuhrer's testament and, conceivably, vast sums of money....

  10. Bormann 'escaped but died as Mengele's patient' - The Independent

    ASUNCION (AFP) - Martin Bormann, one of Adolf Hitler's closest aides, did not commit suicide in Berlin in 1945 but died in Paraguay 14 years later after being treated for stomach cancer by fellow...

  11. The Escape Route of Martin Bormann -

    The Doomsite of Martin Bormann, 1995 View looking north from the center of the now-deserted [1995] Invalidienstrasse bridge. Railroad tracks formerly ran through this overgrown gully. Sheds on the right (apparently post-war) sheltered waiting passengers. It was here that Artur Axmann found the bodies of Martin Bormann and Ludwig Stumpfegger.