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  2. Max von Hausen - Wikiwand

    Max Clemens Lothar Freiherr von Hausen was a German army commander. He participated in the Austro-Prussian and Franco-German Wars and became Generaloberst of Saxon troops and War Minister in the Kingdom of Saxony. At the beginning of the First World War, he was the head of the Third Army which he led during the Battles of the Frontiers, Charleroi, and the Marne. He was relieved of his command ...

  3. 1914: Marne in the Balance

    Max von Hausen was the only army commander relieved of duty, and that was mainly because he had a severe case of typhus. His desperate appeals to be reinstated also went unanswered. After the Battle of the Marne, the German army of 1914 was gone forever.

  4. The First Battle Of the Marne, 1914 - A Tipping Point At The ...

    Exhaustion Wins. German General Baron Max von Hausen, sick with typhus, was still one of the most effective Commanders of those few days. Realizing Kluck was under pressure from the British advance; he saw an opportunity to divert attention by breaking the French in their weakened center.

  5. The First Battle of the Marne Facts and Significance

    By the night of the 7th, though, General Max von Hausen, commanding the Third Army, had decided upon a night attack, which he believed the French would not be expecting. In the predawn hours of September 8, he sent four divisions forward along the few accessible routes through the marshes, taking Foch’s troops by surprise and pushing them ...

  6. Max von Hausen - archINFORM

    Max von Hausen. Architekt und Künstler 1919-1995 Christoph von Hausen (author), Gisela van Nuland (author) Aschendorff Verlag, 2006 [hardback] [German]

  7. Adolph von Carlowitz - Wikipedia

    By 1913, he had become Lieutenant general and in May 1914, he succeeded Max von Hausen as Minister of War of the Kingdom of Saxony. First World War. Upon mobilization in August 1914, Carlowitz received command of the German XXVII Reserve Corps as a General of the Infantry.

  8. A German Prince Ordered 100,000 Soldiers to Charge With ...

    Gen. Max von Hausen’s Third Army waded through the Somme River then overran the French near Normee, to the west of Wilhelm’s upcoming disaster. Like Wilhelm’s troops, they charged with rifles unloaded and bayonets fixed. But losses were high as some 20 percent of Hausen’s attacking troops became casualties.

  9. Yakubu Gowon Biography - Military head of state of Nigeria ...

    Before him are Arsames I, Max von Hausen, Elizabeth Fry, Marcus Claudius Marcellus, Edward Fortunatus, and Kirta. After him are Oldřich Duras, Chatichai Choonhavan, Lucius Caecilius Metellus Denter, Lucien Carr, King Jing of Zhou, and Cardinal-Infante Afonso of Portugal.

  10. Max von Hausen – Wikipedia

    Max Clemens Lothar von Hausen, född 17 december 1846 i Dresden, död där 19 april 1922, var en sachsisk friherre, militär och politiker. Hausen blev 1864 officer vid infanteriet samt deltog i tyska enhetskriget 1866 och fransk-tyska kriget 1870–71. Han blev överste och regementschef 1890, generalmajor 1893, generallöjtnant och ...

  11. Max von Hausen – Wikipedia

    Max Klemens Lothar von Hausen (17. joulukuuta 1846 Dresden – 19. maaliskuuta 1922 Dresden) oli saksalainen kenraali, joka palveli komentajana ensimmäisen maailmansodan alkuvaiheessa. Hausen liittyi Saksin armeijaan vuonna 1864 ja osallistui vuoden 1866 sotaan sekä Ranskan–Saksan sotaan 1870–1871. [1]