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  2. Nathanael Greene - Wikipedia

    Major-General Nathanael Greene (August 7 [O.S. July 27] 1742 – June 19, 1786) was an American military officer and planter who served in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. He emerged from the war with a reputation as one of George Washington 's most talented and dependable officers, and is known for his successful command in ...

  3. Nathanael Greene | Accomplishments, Facts, & American Revolution

    Nathanael Greene, (born August 7, 1742, Potowomut, Rhode Island [U.S.]—died June 19, 1786, Mulberry Grove, Georgia, U.S.), American army general in the American Revolution (1775–83). After managing a branch of his father’s iron foundry, Greene served several terms in the colonial legislature and was elected commander of the Rhode Island ...

  4. Nathanael Greene | American Battlefield Trust

    Title Major General. War & Affiliation Revolutionary War / Patriot. Date of Birth - Death August 7, 1742 - June 19, 1786. Nathanael Greene’s rise to prominence as one of the most skilled and celebrated generals of the American Revolution appears unlikely based upon his early life.

  5. Nathanael Greene | eHISTORY

    Nathanael Green was selected, and promoted from Private to Brigadier General. The level of organization within Greene’s regiments impressed the newly appointed commander of Continental forces, General George Washington. Greene would become Washington’s most trusted advisor and good friend.

  6. Nathanael Greene · George Washington's Mount Vernon

    Nathanael Greene was a Major General in the Continental Army, an ardent admirer of George Washington and his most trusted military subordinate. A Rhode Island foundry owner and politician before the Revolutionary War, Greene was affiliated with the Wards, one of two factions that dominated Rhode Island politics during the 1760s and 1770s.

  7. Nathanael Greene - New Georgia Encyclopedia

    Nathanael Greene was one of the most respected generals of the Revolutionary War and a talented military strategist. As commander of the Southern Department of the Continental army, his leadership was the catalyst that turned the tide toward American victory in Georgia.

  8. Biography of General Nathanael Greene - US History

    Nathanael Greene Charles Wilson Peale, 1783 Nathanael Greene was born August 7, 1742 in Warwick, Rhode Island. The Greene family was among the earliest settlers in Rhode Island and had helped establish the colony in the 1630s.

  9. Nathanael Greene - U.S. National Park Service

    Nathanael Greene was born in Rhode Island in 1742 to Quaker parents. His education, though not formal, revealed that he was a good student. He possessed a keen mind, excelled in mathematics and spent many hours reading in Greek and Roman classics. His family business—iron forging for ships—became his trade.

  10. General Nathanael Greene - U.S. National Park Service

    Courtesy, Independence National Historical Park. General Nathanael Greene was one of the most important heroes of the American Revolution. Early on in the war, the native Rhode Islander showed a strong talent for assembling supplies and working well with his military and civilian colleagues.

  11. Nathanael Greene |

    Nathanael Greene. American Revolutionary War general Nathanael Greene (1742-1786) was considered "the greatest military genius of the war." His chief contribution to the American victory lay in his brilliant southern campaign. Nathanael Greene was born in Potowomut, R.I., on Aug. 7, 1742.