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  2. Nestor Makhno - Wikipedia

    Nestor Ivanovych Makhno (8 November [O.S. 27 October] 1888 – 25 July 1934), also known as Bat'ko Makhno ("Father Makhno"), was a Ukrainian anarchist revolutionary and the commander of the Revolutionary Insurgent Army of Ukraine during the Ukrainian Civil War.

  3. Nestor Makhno — Wikipédia

    Nestor Ivanovitch Makhno (ukrainien : Нестор Іванович Махно), né le 26 octobre 1888 à Gouliaï Polié (ou Houliaïpole) — ville de l'ouïezd d'Aleksandrovsk du gouvernement de Iekaterinoslav, alors située dans l'Empire russe — et mort le 25 juillet 1934 dans le 20 e arrondissement de Paris (), est un communiste libertaire [1] d'origine cosaque zaporogue, fondateur de ...

  4. Nestor Machno – Wikipedia

    Nestor Iwanowytsch Machno (ukrainisch Нестор Іванович ... Mehrsprachiges Nestor Makhno Archive mit historischen Fotos von Machno und den Machnowzi;

  5. Makhnovshchina - Wikipedia

    It existed from 1918 to 1921, during which time free soviets and libertarian communes operated under the protection of Nestor Makhno's Revolutionary Insurgent Army. The area had a population of around seven million. The Makhnovshchina was established with the capture of Huliaipole by Makhno's forces on 27

  6. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The siege of Kolberg took place from March to July 1807 during the War of the Fourth Coalition, part of the Napoleonic Wars.An army of the First French Empire and several foreign auxiliaries (including Polish insurgents) of France besieged the fortified town of Kolberg, the only remaining Prussian-held fortress in the Province of Pomerania.

  7. The Steel Tsar - Wikipedia

    The Steel Tsar is a sci-fi/alternate history novel by Michael Moorcock, first published in 1981 by Granada. Being a sequel to Warlord of the Air (1971) and The Land Leviathan (1974), it is the final part of Moorcock's A Nomad of the Time Streams trilogy regarding the adventures of Captain Oswald Bastable and which has been seen as an early example of steampunk fiction.

  8. Maria Nikiforova - Wikipedia

    They subsequently linked up with Nestor Makhno's forces in Tsarekostyantynivka, where they found out that Huliaipole had also fallen to the Ukrainian nationalists. Nikiforova proposed a mission to rescue captured members of the town's revolutionary committee, but after a number of Red commanders refused to join and news came in of the continued ...

  9. 30 de setembro – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

    1918 — Guerra de Independência da Ucrânia: as forças insurgentes lideradas por Nestor Makhno derrotam as Potências Centrais. [2] 1935 — Inauguração da Represa Hoover, construída na fronteira entre os estados americanos do Arizona e Nevada.

  10. Guerra Civil Russa – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

    A Guerra Civil Russa foi um conflito armado múltiplo que eclodiu no território do já dissolvido Império Russo, envolvendo o novo governo bolchevique, alçado ao poder desde a Revolução de Outubro de 1917, e seus opositores, incluindo militares do antigo exército tsarista, conservadores e liberais favoráveis à monarquia, além de grupos ligados à Igreja Ortodoxa Russa e a correntes ...

  11. Our horses are running mile after mile,Cause Freedom is priceless.Through the slot of my machine gunI'm looking for the enemy in the dust.Mother Anarchy love...