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  2. 📢Who was Nestor Makhno and what was his Ukrainian Black Army? What was life like in Anarchist Ukraine? And was leftist unity with the Bolsheviks really the ...

  3. Revolutionary Insurgent Army of Ukraine - Wikipedia

    They finally dominated the countryside in mid-1919; the largest portion would follow either Socialist Revolutionary Matvey Hryhoriyiv or the black flag of Nestor Makhno. Following Makhno's return to the region, the first Makhnovist detachment was established in Voskresenske and began to carry out raids against Hetmanate positions.

  4. Our horses are running mile after mile,Cause Freedom is priceless.Through the slot of my machine gunI'm looking for the enemy in the dust.Mother Anarchy love...

  5. Makhnovshchina - Wikipedia

    It existed from 1918 to 1921, during which time free soviets and libertarian communes operated under the protection of Nestor Makhno's Revolutionary Insurgent Army. The area had a population of around seven million. The Makhnovshchina was established with the capture of Huliaipole by Makhno's forces on 27

  6. Commune of France/Paths | The Kaiserreich Wiki | Fandom

    Inspired by the Ukrainian Nestor Makhno, and led by BGT Chairman Sébastien Faure. The Sorelians – Totalist: Supports centralization of the state by moving power away from the CSP and into the BGT. Named after and takes inspiration from French anarcho-syndicalist thinker Georges Sorel.

  7. Hôpital Tenon — Wikipédiaôpital_Tenon

    L'anarchiste ukrainien Nestor Makhno y meurt le 25 juillet 1934 [3].Gabriel Richet fonda en 1961 un célèbre service de néphrologie. Un service de traitement par le radium est inauguré ici le 20 novembre 1922. L’hôpital réussit la première fécondation in vitro aboutissant à la naissance de triplés, le 4 janvier 1985 [3].