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  2. Netezza Performance Server | IBM

    Netezza Performance Server drives the ability for your data scientist to quickly create, train and deploy in-database machine learning models. Using cognitive machine learning, Netezza provides your data scientist with in-database analytics, enabling them to collaborate inside one unified platform.

  3. Netezza - Wikipedia

    IBM Netezza (pronounced ne-teez-a) is a subsidiary of American technology company IBM that designs and markets high-performance data warehouse appliances and advanced analytics applications for uses including enterprise data warehousing, business intelligence, predictive analytics and business continuity planning .

  4. Getting started - IBM

    Netezza Performance Server is a purpose-built, standards-based, data and AI system that integrates database, server, storage, and advanced analytic capabilities into a single, easy-to-manage platform. It is built on IBM Red Hat OpenShift and is optimized for High-Performance Analytics.

  5. IBM Netezza database user documentation

    The IBM® Netezza® data warehouse appliance includes a highly optimized SQL that is called IBM Netezza Structured Query Language (SQL). You can use the SQL commands to create and manage your Netezza databases, user access and permissions for the databases, and to query the contents of the databases.

  6. What happened to Netezza? - IBM Blog

    The answer to the question is, “Netezza is still alive, well and evolving and IBM has now come out with the next generation of Netezza as part of IBM Cloud Pak for Data System.” There were some decisions about two years ago which led me to believe that Netezza was all but dead at IBM.

  7. Resources - IBM Netezza Performance Server

    Featured resources. See how easy it is to install and deploy Netezza Performance Server on IBM Cloud or Amazon Web Services (AWS). Watch the video (08:08) IBM Netezza Performance Server as a Service. Only pay for what you need with the new Netezza Performance Server as a fully managed service.

  8. IBM Netezza Performance Server Reviews - Gartner

    See All 60 Product Reviews. Read the latest, in-depth IBM Netezza Performance Server reviews from real users verified by Gartner Peer Insights, and choose your business software with confidence.

  9. IBM Cloud Docs

    Netezza Performance Server is now enabled on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for US-East-1 region. For more information, see Getting started with Netezza Performance Server and Connecting to Netezza Performance Server. On AWS, smart scaling with confidence score and seed models display is now available in Netezza Performance Server web console.

  10. Netezza SQL basics - IBM

    NetezzaSQL basics This section contains descriptions of data types, functions and expressions, IBM® Netezza®SQL extensions, and NetezzaSQL functional categories. Data types Functions and operators IBM NetezzaSQL provides many functions and operators. Functions are operations that take a value, whereas operators are symbols. Netezza SQL extensions

  11. FAQs for Netezza Performance Server | IBM Cloud Docs

    English FAQs for Netezza Performance Server Last updated 2023-06-09 This is a collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the IBM® Netezza® Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak® for Data as a Service. How do I sign up for Netezza Performance Server? Create a free IBM Cloud account.