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  2. Netscape - Wikipedia

    Netscape Communications wants you to forget all the highway metaphors you've ever heard about the Internet. Instead, think about an encyclopedia—one with unlimited, graphically rich pages, connections to E-mail and files, and access to Internet newsgroups and online shopping. —Netscape Navigator, Macworld (May 1995)

  3. Netscape (web browser) - Wikipedia

    The Netscape web browser is the general name for a series of web browsers formerly produced by Netscape Communications Corporation, which eventually became a subsidiary of AOL.

  4. Netscape Internet Service (ISP) powered by AOL - AOL Help

    Netscape ISP Plans Account Management — Updated Sep 15, 2023 Tips to create a strong password AOL Mail for Verizon Customers — Updated Sep 5, 2023 Update AOL Mail settings Account Management...

  5. James Clark - Forbes

    $3.5B $17M (0.48%) Real Time Net Worth as of 9/28/23 #840 in the world today Photo by Sean Zanni/Getty Images About James Clark Jim Clark cofounded the Netscape browser and has since multiplied...

  6. Timeline of web browsers - Wikipedia

    The following table chronicles the major release dates during the 2000s for the more popular web browsers. 2000. Lynx. Netscape. Opera. IE. Mac IE. Mozilla.

  7. Netscape Download | TechSpot

    Netscape Navigator 9's theme has been updated to save screen-space and leave more room for the websites you visit. URL Correction Navigator 9 will automatically correct common typos in URLs. For ...

  8. What Ever Happened to Netscape? (2023) -

    Netscape's browser development slowed after releasing its source code, but Microsoft didn't rest. By the end of 1999, Microsoft had won the majority of the market. This shift in browser preference marked the start of a long spiraling death for Netscape (and eventually Internet Explorer as well).

  9. JavaScript - Wikipedia

    Creation at Netscape. The first popular web browser with a graphical user interface, Mosaic, was released in 1993. Accessible to non-technical people, it played a prominent role in the rapid growth of the nascent World Wide Web.

  10. Netscape Navigator is a freeware World Wide Web browser for Mac OS, Mac OS X, Windows, and many Unix implementations running the X Window System. In earlier versions, Netscape Navigator was a component of the Netscape Communicator suite; now it is a component of the browser suite known simply as Netscape.

  11. Define Netscape. Netscape synonyms, Netscape pronunciation, Netscape translation, English dictionary definition of Netscape. Noun 1. Netscape - a commercial browser ...