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  2. Netscape ISP Homepage

    Netscape ISP Homepage is a web portal that offers news, world, business and sports stories from various sources. It also features a search engine, a weather app and a webmail service.

    • Sports

      NBA MVP Joel Embiid gets sixth career triple-double to help...

    • News

      Irregular meals, benches as beds. As hostages return to...

    • Netscape ISP Homepage

      Hamas releases a third group of hostages as part of truce,...

  3. Netscape - Wikipedia

    Netscape was an American computer services company that created the first web browser and the JavaScript programming language. It was acquired by AOL in 1999 and became the Mozilla Foundation. Learn about its history, products, and legacy from this comprehensive Wikipedia article.

  4. Netscape (web browser) - Wikipedia

    Netscape was a series of web browsers produced by Netscape Communications Corporation, which became a subsidiary of AOL in 1998. The original browser was once the dominant browser in terms of usage share, but was later eroded by Internet Explorer due to Microsoft's anti-competitive bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows. Netscape was discontinued and support for all Netscape browsers and client products was terminated on March 1, 2008.

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  5. What Ever Happened to Netscape? | TechSpot

    Netscape was the first web browser to offer free access to the internet for personal use, but it was overshadowed by Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The article traces the history of Netscape from its launch in 1994 to its demise in 2002, and how it influenced the development of Firefox and JavaScript.

  6. Whatever happened to Netscape? - Engadget

    Netscape and Internet Explorer traded releases in lockstep throughout 1995 and 1996, but by the time Internet Explorer version 3.0 was released, Microsoft had fully caught up and was able to match ...

  7. Marc Andreessen - Wikipedia

    Marc Andreessen. Marc Lowell Andreessen ( / ænˈdriːsən / ann-DREE-sən; born July 9, 1971) is an American businessman and software engineer. He is the co-author of Mosaic, the first widely used web browser with a graphical user interface; co-founder of Netscape; and co-founder and general partner of Silicon Valley venture capital firm ...

  8. What is Netscape? | Definition from TechTarget

    What is Netscape? Netscape Communications Corporation ("Netscape") was a computer services company best known for its web browser, Navigator. Navigator was one of the two most popular web browsers in the 1990s along with Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE). Following the rapid growth of IE's popularity, the use of Navigator started to decline ...

  9. Netscape Navigator - Wikipedia

    Netscape Navigator is a discontinued proprietary web browser, and the original browser of the Netscape line, from versions 1 to 4.08, and 9.x. It was the flagship product of the Netscape Communications Corp and was the dominant web browser in terms of usage share in the 1990s, but by around 2003 its user base had all but disappeared. [2]

  10. Later, Navigator: How Netscape Won and Then Lost the World ...

    In mid-December 1994, the group released version 1.0, now known as Netscape Navigator. It was a massive success. Besides the interface’s point-and-click simplicity, Netscape also provided ...