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  2. Pancrase - Wikipedia

    Website. Pancrase is a Japanese mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion company based in Tokyo. It was founded in 1993 by professional wrestlers Masakatsu Funaki and Minoru Suzuki . The name was based on pankration, a fighting sport in the Ancient Olympic Games. Suzuki and Funaki practiced catch wrestling.

  3. Pancreas: What Is It, Function & Location - Cleveland Clinic

    The pancreas is an organ in the back of your abdomen (belly). It is part of your digestive system. The pancreas is an organ and a gland. Glands are organs that produce and release substances in the body. The pancreas performs two main functions: Exocrine function: Produces substances (enzymes) that help with digestion.

  4. What Does the Pancreas Do? - Healthline

    The pancreas plays a dual role in your bodily functions: Endocrine system. The pancreas secretes hormones, including the blood sugar-regulating hormones: insulin and glucagon. Exocrine system. The ...

  5. List of Pancrase champions - Wikipedia

    This is a list of Pancrase champions at each weight class. Pancrase is a Japan -based mixed martial arts (MMA) promoting and sanctioning organization founded in 1993. The champions of Pancrase are referred to by the title of " King of Pancrase ".

  6. Pancreas: Anatomy, functions, blood supply, innervation | Kenhub

    Pancreas. The pancreas is an accessory organ and exocrine gland of the digestive system, as well as a hormone producing endocrine gland. It is a retroperitoneal organ consisting of five parts and an internal system of ducts. The pancreas is supplied by pancreatic arteries stemming from surrounding vessels and is innervated by the vagus nerve ...

  7. PANCRASE NEWS - Prof. James Wright Promoted to 5th Degree Black Belt Pancrase MMA. Thursday, April 27, 2023. Pancrase News Network. Denver, Colorado, USA. Professor James Wright has recently achieved the remarkable milestone of being promoted to the 5th Degree Black Belt in Pancrase Mixed Martial Arts. With a career spanning over three decades ...

  8. PANCRASE Official Site | What's PANCRASE?

    The ultimate goal and spirit of PANCRASE is the completion of "total-fight"-a collection of the best of all the styles of martial arts in the world. Martial arts techniques used in the PANCRASE matches include wrestling, judo, boxing, sambo, karate, kempo, jiu-jitsu, and Thai boxing.

  9. Pancreatic cancer - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

    Signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer often don't occur until the disease is advanced. They may include: Abdominal pain that radiates to your back. Loss of appetite or unintended weight loss. Yellowing of your skin and the whites of your eyes (jaundice) Light-colored stools. Dark-colored urine.

  10. Pancreatitis - Diagnosis and treatment - Mayo Clinic

    Tests and procedures used to diagnose pancreatitis include: Blood tests to look for elevated levels of pancreatic enzymes, along with white blood cells, kidney function and liver enzymes. Abdominal ultrasound to look for gallstones and pancreas inflammation. Computerized tomography (CT) scan to look for gallstones and assess the extent of ...

  11. Pancreas Blood Tests: Types, Prep, Procedure & Results - ...

    The pancreas blood test is a blood draw from a vein in your arm. Your healthcare provider will clean the skin around your vein. They will tie an elastic band around your upper arm to apply pressure. This allows blood to fill your vein. Your healthcare provider will insert a small needle into your vein. Blood will be collected in a small tube.