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  2. Source: Patreon. Patreon is the OG platform for creators to monetize their subscriber base. But increasing prices have sent some users running for the hills. Meanwhile, due to claims of censorship, Patreon has felt the heat from high-profile Patreon creators like Jordan Peterson making their losses public and Sam Harris closing his account.

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    Patreon gives you the tools to confidently reach, engage, and get paid by your most valuable fans — with and beyond membership — no matter where you are on your journey. You fully own your direct relationship with your fans, and we build the tools to help you grow over time. It's free to start on Patreon, and you can add paid membership and ...

  4. Patreon is a third-party platform that you don’t own. As such, you won’t have as much control or ownership as you would if you built your community on your own website. Bad for branding. If you use Patreon, your audience will be going to Patreon for your own content instead of your own branded website. Choosing the best Patreon alternative

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    Patreon, Inc. Patreon ( / ˈpeɪtriɒn /, /- ən /) is a membership platform operated by Patreon, Inc., that provides business tools for content creators to run a subscription service. It helps creators and artists earn a monthly income by providing rewards and perks to their subscribers. Patreon charges a commission of 9 to 12 percent of ...

  6. Patreon fournit aux créateurs les outils dont ils ont besoin pour atteindre leurs fans de façon fiable, consolider leur communauté et créer une activité durable. Créez votre espace Vos fans peuvent rejoindre votre communauté pour accéder à des œuvres qu'ils apprécient et que vous partagez directement avec eux.

  7. Examples of this variation are bloggers dependent on display ad rates that are subject to seasonality, and musicians that get paid on a per-stream basis.Patreon helps supplement (or in some rare cases, replace) these other income sources by providing creators with a platform to allow their “patrons” to support them with a monthly, recurring payment.

  8. Patreon is unique; it's a platform that interests me. I've spent an entire career traveling, coming to your towns to play music. Now I'm inviting you to my place." Patreon is the best place for creators to build memberships by providing exclusive access to their work and a deeper connection with their communities.

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    As a creator approaches the 100-hour limit, we will provide in-product instructions on how to request more hours. We plan to introduce new pricing for Patreon Video in 2024 that takes into account the cost of hosting and streaming video natively. For further details on Patreon Video and eligibility, please see here.

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    Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. Support and engage with artists and creators as they live out their passions!

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    Find creators you love. Art. Music